Never Let You Go [ J.M ]

They said I should stay away from him, They said I would be In danger cause of him, They said he was not good at all, They said he was trouble, They said he would never change, They said I would only get heartbreak from him, They said he was an idiot, But that's the thing... He's an idiot, But he's MY idiot.


1. Prologue

The weather was nice today, I decided to walk on the streets of Kenton village by myself, taking a look here and there at the stands, I know stupid move right? Well it's my only option since my loser brothers are too lazy to get their lazy butts off the couch.

All of a Sudden I see a handsome guy with sunglasses dropping his wallet as he pays for his purchase.

" Who is it ? So careless!"

I thought shaking my head at him, that's why so many property's go missing cause people like him are so irresponsible and then they complain about their stuff missing. Like it was your Fault In the first place.

I picked up his wallet and walked over to him tapping him on his shoulder.

" Hey! You dropped your wallet! "

The guy turns around and answers.

" Oh, thanks, I didn't notice "

Of course you wouldn't dumbass, you didn't feel it drop out of your pocket how would you notice?

As I heard his voice, I suddenly recognise it, it's a stranger yet so dear!

He leans down to pick up his wallet, his swift gesture attracts me I can't turn my eyes away from his.

He smiles and is not at all surprised by my stare, even though wearing sunglasses I can still feel the familiar mess behind it.

How many times have I dreamed of this scene ? I can't believe my eyes!

He really is...

" Hey, thanks! You prevented me from a huge loss!"

He spoke as I snapped out of my daydream and smiled nodding.

" No...not at all, you're welcome, may I "

He giggles then smiles lightly.

" Hehe you recognised me? Shhh...there's too many people here, I can't stay long, give me your phone number, I'll contact you later "

Nervously I wrote down my cell phone number onto his for him, he politely accepts it, waving at me and left.

Staring at his back, I was left speechless thinking of what just happened, I couldn't believe it was true.

Would he really contact me? Or is it all just a fantasy?

I thought as I realised something.

That idiot forgot to ask me my name! Now how will be know how to find me next time? Or know who's he contacting?

Shaking my head I paid for my purchase, heading home.

Unknown to me that meeting him will change my life forever...

Thanks for reading!!!

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