The Demon In Me ( Z.M )

" the devil himself created me " In which a Small Town girl named ( Name ) finds out that the creatures she read in fairytales are more then what they seem.


1. Prologue

You run as the wind picked up its speed, you ran through the dusty sand with all your power to stop him from making this choice this mistake, you need him here with you. To guide you, to love and care for you as you did for him, without him by your side without his comfort you would be nothing, feeling dumb only pain and how you could have stopped him but lost that chance. You had a cape on to disguise yourself from the enemies from the ones who stand ik between you and your love, looking up to the sky, you gasped seeing grey dark clouds forming. The storm thundering, with lightening as it roared and crashed together. You looked straight ahead going to find him before it's too late.

'' I gotta stop him fast ''.

You finally stopped putting your hands on your knees and bending down to catch your breath, when you looked up you finally saw the person who you were searching for...Zayn. Zayn was looking at the storm with his hands in his pockets, He turned when you called him.

'' Zayn ''. You said, still panting a little running to him.

'' ( Name ) what are you doing here? don't you know its dangerous?! "

'' I won't let you do it ! ''.

'' I have to. Its the only way to end it ''.

You shake your head as tears start to form.

Zayn looks to the side. '' This demon is killing me? I've killed millions of people, families have gone psycho and some tried to commit suicide ''.

Zayn puts his hand on his chest. '' I can't put up with this any more...I need to finish him ''.

Hearing this made your heart break as you shook your head and tears feel down your face, Zayn's face pained to see you cry he never wanted this to do this but he gas no choice. It was either this or lose you forever, Soon Zayn spoke, a twister came waiting for Zayn. Zayn starts to move forward, when you grabbed his arm.

'' What about me huh? You're just going to leave me here with all these people? ''.

Zayn looks back at you, smiles weakly holding your face with both of his hands.

'' You'll be safe here, And I'll always be with you ''.

Zayn says pointing to your heart.

'' I love you Zayn ! ''.

Zayn smiles. '' I love you too! "

He leans forward capturing your lips within his. When you break apart, Zayn goes inside the twister. The storm clears and the grey clouds fading.

A rush of villagers come with weapons in their hands.

'' Where is he? " One says.

'' He ought be here somewhere ''. Another replies.

'' Keep looking for him ''.

They all scatted, looking for him leaving you all alone.

They all rush to find Zayn, You kept your eyes locked on the sky, You are the only one who knows where Zayn truly went and somebody you will meet him again. As you believe in destines, you smile lightly looking down at the blade knifed necklace you were wearing confident that you will see Zayn again.

Thanks for reading XoXo

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