The Demon In Me ( Z.M )

" the devil himself created me " In which a Small Town girl named ( Name ) finds out that the creatures she read in fairytales are more then what they seem.


3. Chapter Two

Everyone has got their own type on certain thoughts, some agree to the change some don't giving ideas on how they want to live in the small town of Desedna and welcome new company grieving showing their care the smile and Love to a pleasant stay. A lot of town residents knew the love that lives here by taking the easiest way or the hardest all knew expect for one boy.

Zayn had no memories about his past even when he tried to ask someone on who might have been his real parents they would give him a look or shake their heads walking away something was up and Zayn was determined to find out he knew the family he had grown to know where not his kind, they acted oddly different than what Zayn imagined them to be and he felt as if he's the extra baggage along. His new family only showed fake smiles and care for him and the town's people hated his guts which Zayn had no idea why?

Taking a deep breath Zayn excused himself and went to his secret hide out where he found it at 5 years old, there was a tree with long branches and leaves coming out in every direction with a little walk in through the middle. When Zayn made it to the other side he smelt the rich Aroma of lime Green grass and Sky-Blue river going down, right next to him was two trees which held a Red and Black with Gold ropes swing bed ( made by Zayn ) a pillow with blanket and few candles for midnight. Zayn called this place his real home since he found it and nobody bother to come or disturb him.

Zayn flopped himself down as it swinged side to side closing his eyes Zayn released a sign and relaxed his entire body and soul. The birds chirped as the sun raised his rays heat hidden by the trees giving it shade Zayn almost fell into his slumber when he heard a shout.

“ OI! Stop it.You will get nothing good out of it ”

Zayn groaned and shot his eyes open, on the other side of the river was a bunch of guys and girls laughing holding a tied down girl who tried to escape but couldn't. The boys held her legs and shoulders high going back and forth ready to throw her into the river, Zayn was surprised how did they find his secret hideout but that was important right now. Zayn got off and dashed to catch her but unfortunately he got other results than he expected, he was soaked from head to bottom as the bunch left not seeing Zayn saw the all scene he quickly dived into the river to grab hold of the girl and brought her back to the shore. He untied the ropes and mouth band as the girl coughed and weakly opened her eyes.

( Eye Colour ) stared right into chocolate brown eyes as they memorized each detail shown In that true colour, her rosy pink skin the ( Hair Colour ) flowed down her back with her black dress with leggings and flat shoes. The girl scoffed and stood up dragging Zayn with her as he was still holding her hand, she tried to pull back but Zayn wasn't having any of that. Giving a confused look she tried again but she was no match for Zayn.

“ Sir,do you mind letting go ”

Zayn let go and took steps back he had no clue why did he still held her hand and save her, she was a stranger who was in need of help and it was Zayn's heart to help people whether he knew them personally or not, he wasn't someone who would get attached instantly NOPE you have to show him you're worthy to be his mate, unlike the rest this girl gave him a strange shock of feeling a connection through something which kept telling him to be more around her.

“ May I ask why you were thrown into the river ? ”

The girl signed brushing her hair out and closed, she reopened them and looked at the spot where it happened her face had the angry fierce well as annoyed expression thinking about why this happens to her constantly and ONLY HER! With no one to rescue her. She gulped and explained the situation.

“ They think so popular and classy cause their parents are richer than us and spoilt rotten, so they pick on me cause -”

She faced Zayn with a shocked and furious look imitative Zayn knew he was gonna get it...he was in trouble.


It was Zayn's turn to give a look, how DARE she talk to him like that? She was lucky he spared her life otherwise she would be left in the river for good. Zayn doesn't get close to people and nether does he understand them now he has he regrets it big time.

“ Excuse Me! I spared your life so instead of SHOUTING at ME you should be thanking your grades ”

nice one Zayn

The girl rolled her eyes while a small smile on her face, she thought he might be a change into what she sees in boys all her meetings guys are all stuck up who ask for sorry's on something so little that anyone could do and expect her to say it, when she saw his eyes she immediately knew he was a good A major change yet she knew absolutist nothing about him but know do has something between them. Only that thing was a waste of time, she drooped on her knees and head down on the ground.

“ Oh mighty saver I thank you to sparing my life in your grace ”

She looked up and saw Zayn giving a confused look, maybe he's not from royalty or he's hiding something, something personal or not. She got up and looked straight at Zayn who cocked an eyebrow up with his head titling side ways. She smirked wider and closed up to him reaching his ear, her breath hitting his neck.

“ Don't get too invaded in wrong area love, The world is more than you see”

Without another word she walked away leaving a speechless Zayn behind, he had no time to think nor to reply cause she gave an interesting vibe and a sassy attitude that clearly shows she's not one of those girly girl so weakly and have no clear mind out a good sport with a spice personality Zayn knew that girl is someone he would befriends with cause she's not afraid to show what she can do.

Zayn gasped and fell on the floor with his eyes squeezed shut, A pain struck in his chest something not considered normal he felt like a fire burning with people running and shouting, some already burnt others starting. It stung too bad not leaving do anything almost like it was controlling him, commanding him what to do like somebody was inside him laughing at how he was not strong and didn't know a thing.

Soon it all cleared and Zayn could breath normal again, that pain was one of the most stungs he got at a time, these stungs have been coming to him since he could remember. First Zayn thought they might be just bad night mares but now seeing them regularly is Zayn thoughts finalized that is a message trying to tell him something, Zayn is scared not knowing what to do instead of screaming at the top of his lungs, Zayn got up and frowned when a object was on the ground, he held it by the chain and saw a Bloody Red Ruby Pendle whisk mixed the two colours together which a Vampire or a Demon would wear for protection. Zayn smiled and wore the Pedal around his neck smirking as the Pedal flowed a name.

“ ( Your Name ) ”

Thanks for Reading XoXo

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