The Demon In Me ( Z.M )

" the devil himself created me " In which a Small Town girl named ( Name ) finds out that the creatures she read in fairytales are more then what they seem.


4. Chapter Three

He ran down the wavy hill, far away from the whole village waiting the time for himself just him alone and his surroundings with nobody to disturb. Zayn has been on his run since last night when suddenly he was dreaming and these imagines, this voice kept repeating to him. Zayn thought maybe it wasn't only him who could see and hear them, hear them so he asked his family if they could hear or see them too But his family gave him weird looks like he's lost his mind, his father even suggested for him to go in the health Unit for a check up.

Of course why would they believe him?Zayn shook his head thinking stupidly to ask them, they already hated his guts not giving a care of attention and now saying these kinda things makes it worse. Zayn rested down on the lime Green grass and looked out in the scenery, his secret place the same as ever but what Zayn didn't get was why were they coming to him?

What did he do wrong? He never hurt somebody never said or did harmful things, he was a good boy all his life so why was this happening to him? The blood dripping, the screams of help crying the tortured life’s of people it all showed Zayn in his dreams his thoughts, was it a message singling him that something was about to happen, was it related to his parents or his family, there was something that EVERYBODY knew everyone expect Zayn.

You are what you are

There it is again Zayn thought

What does that even mean? What was Zayn supposed to knowledge of that? Was that voice referring him as some kind of a Monster, a Villain in fairy tales or a beast? Zayn scoffed at that thought. He laid back with both of his arms behind his head closing. No way this was real, Nah huh definitely someone is playing tricks on him but who?...Ha Hah Nicky it must be him!

Zayn's bugger big brother who is a pain in the ass, he always messes with Zayn slipping water on the stair case than accusing Zayn of doing it his parents see it and Zayn's spent next week doing all the chores or breaking his little sister's dolls that she treats them like real princess so she ends up crying and Zayn has to spent his night outside in the yard. But Zayn couldn't care less he rather spent his time away from that place for good, Zayn nodded releasing a sign that must be it Nicky making him go completely nuts. Oh he's so going to take back for that, payback is a must.


Zayn gasped as he shot up in shock, what on earth was that? it sounded like someone was in danger, or someone crying for that person. But why Zayn heard it or that his heart stringed hearing that name his feelings down, was this another single or message to those imagines. Does this mean this name is belonging to a person he's suppose to know, to find out about them. Is this name somehow connected to him, to all of this?

Zayn put both of his hands on his face deep in thought.

what was going on? why was this happening to him? What does this all mean,how is it connected to him? And that name...why does it feel like its a part of his missing life?

So many questions to solve so many unknown answers to reveal, Zayn needed to know but didn't have a single clue where to even begin?!?!?! This was going to be hard, but to find the missing pieces of his life and finally know the actual truth...Zayn knew it was worth it.

Zayn got up dusting his clothes and hands in his pockets heading home, not that even it is a home to him he knew if he's late for home after a minute passed midnight his so called mother is going to lecture him for being careless and not taking responsibilities seriously and blah blah blah Zayn couldn't be bothered to spell out the rest of the other words.

As he went on Zayn missed to notice a pair of hazel brown eyes on him, the figure wearing a black cape with a sly smirk, he went back to where he came from ready to meet Zayn for the first time.

Yaster smiled down at the boy who was fast asleep with little snores coming out, he pulled the covers more up and taking the picture of Zayn which was in the boy's hand Yaster swirled his fingers across Zayn's portage. Yaster turned off the lamp that was giving them light in the dark and headed to sleep for himself, he knew the boy would be genetic early in dawn and demand to tell more about Zayn's story, he was so fascinated about hearing his son's big adventures. So he planned to shut some eyes for hours having enough rest for the big day.

And who knows, maybe he gets the courtesy to learn that boy's name and his adventurous story.

Thanks For reading!!!!

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