The Demon In Me ( Z.M )

" the devil himself created me " In which a Small Town girl named ( Name ) finds out that the creatures she read in fairytales are more then what they seem.


2. Chapter One

Dull grey eyes started down at the little corpse lying there, he had no idea how the little boy got there or even when he was unconscious. The old man was out on his daily hunt when he decided to nap and woke up later to his surprise another boy right in front of him. His hands slowly reached to brush the boy's hair back and down slightly.

He had no idea what to do? It was rarely that somebody ends up in the woods since there have been rumours flying around about the woods being haunted and if you are brave,stay the night for the whole week Plus you cannot trust anybody these days. What if he's possessive or being chased for doing a crime? But somehow he doubted that, the boy couldn't have looked older than 19 years and wore torn damaged clothes made it like he was forced to leave his home, abandoned it. How could someone do that to a innocent face? The old man took the boy in, he had a big heart especially for children and couldn't leave him in the dreadful rain.

The house was warm and cozy in a well built cottage, setting the boy by the fire place and wrapping a blanket around him, he got extra clothes and decided to make hot coco. As the kettle started to boil and got the cup ready, he heard silent movements and noises indicating the boy's waking up. He setted it on the coffee table as the boy opened his eyes.

“ Alright don’t freak out, I'm not a Murder, Criminal, Psycho kidnapper or a rapist. I found you out soaked in the rain and thought I'll help you out, ”

He had expected a scream, kick or a question but instead heard a chuckle.

“ That's what everyone says when another is in front of you, ”

The boy sat up adjusting his hair and frowning as he never seen a cottage like this one before, when the boy was too busy looking around, the old man took the time to study boy's features. He had very short hair with light brunette colour with a red and white shirt, blue jeans and black breakers. His eyes were a shade of green which was excited as looking around. The old man knew he is one of those troublemaker boys, who won't give in no matter what you say they roll their own way. That remind of someone who was very special to him.

The boy came back with a smile knowing he enjoyed his little tour and by his actions he's going to ask something.

“ Hey mister...what else cool stuff do you keep beside that gun over there, ”

There it is.

“ No boy you need some rest, up to bed, ”

The boy frowned again giving puppy eyes.

“ But I'm not * Yawn * tired, ”

The old man chuckles seeing how the boy couldn't hide his tiredness.

“ Sure you are, ”

The old man takes the boy's collar and forces the him up stairs, they enter a room and the old man gives the boy some spare clothes. The boy raises an eyebrow but the demanding look does disappear so he slips them on and climbs into the bed. He was about to sleep when he sees a picture beside him picking it up he sees a boy around 20 with a emotionless fierce look.

“ Hey mister, who's that? "

The old man jumps back because the picture is shoved in his face, he sits down and smiles holding the picture.

“ That's my boy Zayn, ”

“ Really? How is he? is he here? is he alive? what happened to him? Come on tell me something ? ”

“ Well aren't you butting into people's personal business, ”

The boy shyly looks down scratching his head.

“ Relax, I will tell you of how my boy changed the all town of Desedna for a better living, ”

The boy grins and waits for the story to be told, the old man smiles as he sees how much this boy is excited for the story.

“ It all started when me and my wife had our baby boy...the day Zayn was born, ”

A young couple ran through the forest away from the moth of villagers chasing after them want to kill them and end their life’s. It was not the couple's fault they were born with this curse some thing which nobody wanted to be around or even see. As much the villagers hated them...the couple hated it more.

Demons just say things about it and it will give you pain which you cannot bear, this creature this sin created by the devil itself has power you cannot face alone goes against every right and possessives you in doing the bad deeds. Many revolution occurred and now the biggest one by the couple. They didn't mean to do it the Demon took control of it, it didn't listen to them and now its time to end their deaths.

“ Hurray we must find a safe place, ”

Yaster looks back to see the villagers coming closer.

“ I'm doing the best I can, ”

Estella runs after him carrying their baby boy in the blue blanket.

They both find a hut time to hide until the moth disappears, both silent and breathing watching the villagers go in another direction. Estella slowly opens the blanket and sees her baby sleep, he opens his eyes and Estella meets those brown eyes she loves seeing. The baby smiles and laughs bringing smiles to both of his parents. He is everything to them, their boy with extra charm will do the unexplainable to help this town...Desedna .

“ Que Va A Hacer Lo Inexplicable, ”

They both said.

The door broke down as the villagers grabbed Yaster and Estella outside, Baby Zayn started to cry as he was snatched from his mother while Estella screamed to give him back. Yaster broke free and ran for Zayn when a sword was raised in front of him.

“ Now listen here Malik we can do this the easy way or the hard way, ”

The guy went around Yaster still holding his sword, Yaster held fierce emotion as he looked at everyone, most of the men had a happy face as their wife’s held sorry but Yaster knew it was all a act if they really felt sorry they would be stopping their husbands and let him, Estella raise Zayn his eyes went to Estella who kept saying one thing and he knew excally what she said.

“ Save our Baby Boy, Save him. Don't let him live the lives we had to. Let him be free and experience it. Save him Yaster, Our Zayn, ”

His boy who is now in the arms of the villager's wife, Yaster doesn't want Zayn to live the life he and Estella had to, he wants Zayn to be confident and be free in doing what he wants any time he wants. No one stopping him. All He prays for is Zayn to be a normal boy and never release his Demon.

“ You either hand us over your baby and leave this town or you can say bye bye and be burnt alive, same goes for ya wife. So either its your lost and our win, ”

The guy smirks as every men cheers. Yaster knows his Demon is rising he could feel his body temper go hot and his eyes colour slowly changing to deep Red. His breathing goes faster as the Villagers slowly back away in fear and keep their weapons up. Yaster looks up and smirks he is no longer in control But his Demon is. Yaster holds they guy by his neck up against the tree, the wifes all scream and ran away including the one who was holding Zayn, Estella runs for Zayn when she is stabbed in her leg.

“ Say ta ta creature, ”

The fire torch is through on her as she screams and slowly loses her life, Yaster could not control his tears his anger seeing the ashes of his beloved wife, the mother of his child. He howls like he had been attacked and bites into the guy's neck loving the sound of him screaming in pain and rips his head off, by the next he has blood on his body with blood on his soul. He drops on his knees in front of Estella and growls.

“ ESTELLA !!! ”

He screams again and again, the love of his life is gone left him in this hatred world or shall he say this town. All the memories and time spend with each other came rushing back, the time he first saw her and she saw him killing a little girl but soon became friends which took months with him, but she kept his secret until they both fell in love. He felt like he was not a Demon but a normal teenage boy, no fear in the world why would he when she was here. And then when he found the most shocking news, she fell pregnant she asked to be converted and he did to make her officially his. But now all he is left with painful scars and memories.

Yaster got up and walked down the main road, he knows if he stayed they will kill Zayn and Estella's death would be for nothing, plus they don't know Zayn is also a Demon so when he returns his boy will be all grown and a change will happen.

Zayn Malik you will do the unexplainable.

Thanks for Reading XoXo

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