The Demon In Me ( Z.M )

" the devil himself created me " In which a Small Town girl named ( Name ) finds out that the creatures she read in fairytales are more then what they seem.


5. Chapter Four

Having a fully rest is the best thing Yaster likes about in the morning, you don't feel so grumpy and moody and specially NOT to lash out on a innocent person. Yeah what happened last night is still on Yaster's mind he can't believe he actually did that, taking in a random boy from the streets and telling him your whole life including every deepest secrets, But Yaster knew he could trust the boy he seemed so chill with the way he acted and is eager to know more about Zayn, sometimes Yaster thought this boy's personality was exactly like Zayn's.

Yaster felt someone shake him trying to disturb his slumber but he didn't move an inch, knowing it was the boy bothering him he kept doing that touching his cheeks, shoulders and even his back but no avail. Soon it all stopped Yaster hummed lazily thinking the boy had given up he peeped his eyes opened only to jump out of bed in shock when a lifeless eyes and a red bloody smile came out of the dark.

Yaster was panting heavily his cheeks rising in deep breaths and sweat coming from the shock.

“Haha...I got you good,”

The boy laughed with his eyes closed slapping his knee and pointing at Yaster still laughing, Yaster growled currently not liking the prank the boy pulled on him. What if he had a sudden heart attack because of this??? but Yaster wasn't mad cause he had grown to care for the boy but if it was someone else...they better watch out.

“You little prankster,”

Yaster slammed his hands so hard on the carpet that it almost made the floor shake as the boy squeaked and ran away from Yaster as Yaster smirked and dashed right after him. The boy was about to head into the kitchen when Yaster got him and pinned him down like a prey, the boy trashed and tried to escape but Yaster was stronger than him, he held onto him tight and smirked again when the boy looked so scared.

“You really thought that was funny, Aye ?”

The boy giggled and nodded making Yaster smiled without him noticing Yaster didn't know how he felt about it but one thing he was positive, that he will attached to it soon.

“Ahh huh it was hilarious, playing pranks is one of the best things I'm good at,”

The boy said in a cute giggly voice which he totally knew about and doesn’t care cause that's how he rolls and is not afraid to show the real him unlike some people, none of them both moved at all stayed in that position.

“Hmm...that was a good way to scare someone, in case you didn't know I happen to know some pranks too,”


Yaster's hand crazed the boy's waist feeling his light skin onto his fingers, his hand moved up and down from the boy's waist to his neck while the boy gave him a look wondering what Yaster was doing? In a quick movement Yaster started to tickle the boy as the boy laughed and wiggled underneath him, Yaster smirked wider when the boy told him to stop but Yaster wasn't having any of that.

“M-Mister please Stop! It H-Hurts from A-All the L-Laughing and M-Moving,”

“Nope you didn't think before waking me up by scaring me, did you ?”

“But...I-I tried T-To and Y-You weren't S-So I did W-What I C-Could think O-Of,”

That's was the first thing he could think of? How about by waking someone up gentle or calling out their name's NOT wearing a Joker mask! I wonder if this boy lied about his age?

Yaster thought.

“Alright I'll stop, but you've have to say mercy and give me your name. Deal ?”

The boy thinks for a while then shakes his head, “Never in a million years,”

Yaster shudders and tickles the boy again, “Oh well you're loss,”

He starts to tickle the boy again as the boy laughed like before the tears coming out faster than ever and his laughs along.

“Mercy, Mercy,”

The boy laughed some more until he calmed down taking in some deep breaths then opening his brown eyes, his honey chocolate orbs with a faint smile.

“The name's Xzavier, and what's yours Mister ?”

Xzavier, what a powerful name this boy has, so different like a prince's one but with its own tell you hear this and immediately think Hey I want to be his friend so catchy definitely to give a hyped and smiling guy. Who ever thought of this name is a genius.

Yaster got off the boy and helped him up, “My name's Yaster,”

Xzavier nodded and swayed back and forth hands behind his back and smiling innocently, Yaster rolled his eyes knowing what Xzavier was going to ask. What he wanted to hear.

“I will tell you what happens next after we do some shopping, we need bread and eggs for breakfast,”

Xzavier pouted as Yaster got the list ready, “But can't you tell me the story now then do the shopping ?”

“Sure if you want to wait until supper, then I'll be more than happy to take your rest,”

“ Fine! But one more thing Mister,”

Xzavier said throwing his hands in the air.

“What is it ?”

Yaster said as he and Xzavier headed down to the local supermarket for breakfast and supper.

“Can I call you pops?”

Yaster stopped walking after hearing that question, his heart beated with happiness when he heard that word for using it as another way to call someone father he always wanted to hear his son or daughter call him that and not long what happened to his loving family he never got the chance to see it happen, to see his baby boy call him that. But this boy who he had known for since two days feels like he's his own blood, his own flesh.

Yaster looked at Xzavier who was giving him a look waiting for Yaster's respons but when he saw Yaster not replying he looked down thinking Yaster was going to say no, until he felt a hand on his shoulder and saw Yaster smile with watery eyes.

“Of course you can,”

Xzavier grinned and ' Yippee'd ' in the air hugging Yaster so much for letting him be a part of his family for getting him a father. Yaster put his arm around Xzavier's shoulder as they both smiled again and went to the first shop. Bread n Butter.

“ (Name ) darling, can you wash the dishes please?”

You signed adding the bookmarker on the page you were reading and heading down to dot he task, it was another weekend and the three days where you would only spend time for yourself and your favourite book but that can never happen when your mother is busy sewing her new dresses for an upcoming event and your father running errands. You wish just once a day would come where you can read your book for an hour or two and don't worry about your choruses which basically your mother does.

As you were about to step down you heard a crash from your father's study office, you peeked inside and gasped as you saw your father running from one end to another with papers scattered everywhere and a shot gun in your father's hand. You watched in fright as your father loaded the shot gun with his Ten bullets.

“F-Father! W-What are Y-You doing?!?!?! ”


Your father cried out putting his gun on his shoulder and walking out not even stopping to hear you ask him or to see your panicky look, you looked at the papers and bend down reading them until one caught your attention. Your eyes wide as you read it.

They're back ( Surname ) our head quarters have sent hunters down for creatures like these and they said they have been attacked by two. Their more better in disguise, their more powerful this time,Their spreading out rapidly. Save our family, your town and be prepared, they can come out like a bee. You never know where they can be”

...What is going on?!?!?...

Thanks For Reading!!!

P.S. I am writing the next chapter and know you will be in for a thrill !!!

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