The Demon In Me ( Z.M )

" the devil himself created me " In which a Small Town girl named ( Name ) finds out that the creatures she read in fairytales are more then what they seem.


6. Chapter Five

Zayn nodded at the old man working in a fruit stand who gave him 2 pounds of bags filled with watermelon, he slang one on his shoulder and other on his hip with a huff he headed home to tell his so-called mother see he brought her request. She had asked Zayn to buy a supply of watermelon so the little pest can have her snacks all the time and not run out, Zayn immediately said no he wasn't their slave who's beaning ordered around But with the nastly glare she gave him Zayn knew he would get spanks and bruises on him again. They after all raised him and provided him with shelter, food and water so he followed her orders.

Zayn wondered just how much does the pest eat ? Two bags filled with watermelon is like she wants to be turned into a oversized water balloon, Zayn tried to help her cut down some of those ( he hates her guts but has the heart to care ) but she would think hes calling her fat and complain to her mother, a millions of tries Zayn gave up and let her be that way, Zayn took a short cut home which leads to the back door of his house he can get in easily as Zayn went on muttering how bad the pest makes him he failed to notice that one of the ropes had loosened making all the water melons fall on the ground.

' Oh you have got to be kidding me, '

Zayn groaned picking each on up and putting them back, when Zayn thought hr hd collected them all he saw one left just a few inch away Zayn went to pick it up when a black shiny boot collided on the watermelon. Zayn looked up to see a hod covering the person's eyes but a smirk on.

' Pleasure seeing you hear boy, '

' Pleasure will be mince once you get your muddy boot off my watermelon, '

The mystery guy chuckled as he set his foot off and takes a step back Zayn frowns when he noticed the dirt and used his sleeve to clean it off tying the ropes double nots so they won't fall again Zayn proceed to walk until that guy spoke.

' You aren't going to introduce yourself ? '

Zayn looked over his shoulder giving a look that said he was not intrested in starting a conversation with this lad.

' Look I don't know what's your beef ? But I have to go home okay, '

' To that family who never considered you as theirs, '

Zayn stopped at his tracks and froze, how did he know that? Was this guy spying on him ? Or has he been In this Village for time being ? Did he know Zayn from before ? Or did he know his family ? Did he just plan to meet Zayn or was it fate ? The guy smirks again at Zayn's shocked face as he starts to circle around Zayn.

' Didn't you ever notice the looks, the talks the tresspass they did about you or the way they treated you ? Guess you haven't cause it all happened when you were a new born baby so of course you wouldn't have a trance of that life but I do, '

' You were a new born when your parents had been running around escaping all the problems, the drama, the mess cause of that one thing which was hidden from everybody even you, it was never supposed to come out your parents just wanted to live like normal human beings they thought moving into Desedna would make things easier a lot simple as they struggled to keep their themselves inside, things were good for them and the moment their family was complete when you were born '

Zayn smiled as he heard what this man said, he was their happiness, he made their family complete they didn't hate him they didn't want to not love him, he was their baby boy But if he was then why haven't Zayn seen them ? Why aren't they here with him ? Where did they go ? Are they hiding from him or some where else ?

Zayn wondered all those questions as they guy leans back on the tree crossing his arms with one leg leaned up on the wood.

' Y-You know w-what happened t-to my p-parents ? ' Zayn said stuttering from shock

The guy smiles and nods ' I was their best friend, somebody who they could count on me and your father Yaster were friends we did everything together. Sword fighting, Archery, horse racing, climbing trees and houses,we were like pros but sometimes your father was better then me since he was trained by the finest trainers but I didn't get jealous cause he would always share the pride with me and who was I to complain ? '

The guy chuckles as he remembered some of his memories with Zayn's father which Zayn didn't know of, Zayn watched as the guy stops behind Zayn and looks down to which Zayn sees a frown ?

' But you know Zayn there are things which your father and me have done which we regret and cannot take it back things which we wish we could have stopped from happening things which made us lose our innocents, our acts which made us who we are today and can never change back especially your father, '

Zayn looked at him in confusion, what did he by their acts ? Things which made them lose their innocents ? What has his father done so bad that they regret it a lot ? What happened that his father wished he could stop it from happening ? The guy looked at Zayn dead straight in the eye and said which made Zayn's heart freeze.

' Your father killed people Zayn, he destroyed famillies he is the reason why the town is like this, why the people hated him and your mother! HE WAS A BLOODLY DEMON! He was, your mother was and so are YOU! That's why everybody hated them the fi+ght happened for thast reason in the first place. YOUR ALL FAMILY WAS A DEMON'S FAMILY! '

' NO SHUT UP! ' Zayn screamed as his eyes changed the colour from honey brown to Ruby Rose Red, his white fangs came out on the side as his breathing heaved, Zayn grabbed the guy by both of his collars and froward him against the tree, the guy landed on the ground with a grunt as Zayn eyes wide realising what he has done.

Zayn quickly grabbed his two bags and rushed home, he dropped the bags and rushed up stairs to his room ignoring his mother cmplains to keep the noise down, Zayn sat on his bed hands going through his hair and started to sweet. It couldn't be true that man was lying Zayn's father couldn't have done those things he couldn't have been a Demon those only a myth, told in fairy tales but then again that guy said he was friends with Zayn's father and knew what Zayn's parents been through plus Zayn himself never seen his father, he only knows that they loved him but never got the chance to hear Zayn say things for himself know how Zayn felt or if he even believed what that guy said.

But Zayn couldn't believe was that he atcually attacked the guy! He pushed him into a tree, Zayn then felt something change inside of him something like anger, fury, rage. Zayn knew he had to go back and see that guy again he was the only one who knew about Zayn's parents and what they were what they did, his history.

' Zayn, '

Zayn looked at his door rolling his eyes as his little sister ( the pest ) was there.

' What do you want ? ' he spat the word ' Want ' harshly as his sister shirked back in fright not hearing that type of tone from Zayn before she then moved closer to Zayn as Zayn glared.

' Did I say you could enter ? Do you- what's this ? '

In front of him was a golden teddy bear with white in the bottom, on his stomach was a quote saying ' Huggie ' with a question mark. Zayn looked in confusion for the second time as his sister peeped her face out behind the bear, her ocean blue eyes hoped for something.

' I'm sowwy, '

' Huh ? '

' I'm sowwy, I know ive been a meanie to you and get you In trouble with mommy I reawlly didn't mean it, I just...Sowwy okay '

His sister bowed down in shame and Zayn chuckled smiling, even though she was a pest who annoyed Zayn hell lot she was a cutie or atleast saw her say sowwy unlike the rest.

' Why did you do it ? '

His sister looked up scared to answer but gulped before saying which made Zayn chuckle in adorable by what he said.

' I don't know, I guess I liked teasing you a lot '

Zayn laughed and grabbed his sister by her waist tickling her so she started laughing with giggles, Zayn sat her on his bed and carried on his trick he was happy to know that his sister finally likes him and get him a sorry gift. Zayn hoped his sister would be with him when he finds out the truth of his parents and him, he hoped she would love him then just like now.

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