I think I wanna marry you!

Savannah Rose Richelle, the nerdy, bubbly, positive girl.

Harry James Potter, the seeker, popular, perfect guy.

What could go wrong?

Savannah has had a crush on Harry since she first laid eyes on him. It's third year now, and romance is blooming everywhere. Will Savannah get to Harry before the most popular girl in the year?


20. Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey guys! I meant to put this in yesterday, but Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that you are lots of food and we're having fun! By the way I have a goal that I would love to complete! It would be amazing if by New Years I got into the top twenty movellas!! You guys are awesome and I know I can make it! So if you haven't already (thanks if you have!😋) please like!! Chow for now my peeps! I'll update really soon! Hope you like the story so far!


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