I think I wanna marry you!

Savannah Rose Richelle, the nerdy, bubbly, positive girl.

Harry James Potter, the seeker, popular, perfect guy.

What could go wrong?

Savannah has had a crush on Harry since she first laid eyes on him. It's third year now, and romance is blooming everywhere. Will Savannah get to Harry before the most popular girl in the year?


32. Final Goodbye

Savannah's POV

I smiled sadly as my gaze swept the dorm for the last time. Lowering my gaze, I bent down and grabbed the handle of my trunk. It thumped the stairs one by one as I descended down to the trio.

"Ready to go slowpoke?" Ron teased

"Yeah. Sorry I was just making sure I got everything, you know how I am," I replied smiling

Hermione avoided all of our gazes. Ron didn't notice and started talking about how annoying it was going to be spending all summer with his brothers.

"-and don't get me started on Percy. He won't shut up about the Ministry! It's Fudge this, and Fudge that! I mean really!" He whined

I giggled as Harry rolled his eyes, glanced at Hermione, and let his hand drag down his face. At long last, we all boarded the train, trunks lugging behind us. Crookshanks trotted along besides us and Hedwig hooted from her cage. We found an empty compartment and collapsed into the seats. Before I could stand again, Harry grabbed my trunk and shoved it into the rack along with his while Ron did Mione's. Harry sat down next to me and Ron left to go talk to one of his friends from Hufflepuff.

"Hermione," Harry started as I checked that Ron wasn't coming back, "We saw you and Malfoy last night. We wanted you to know that as long as you're happy, we're happy for you."

Hermione burst into tears right than and hugged us both.

"Thank you," she muttered in my ear happily

"How long have you been together?" I asked

"Um....a month on Friday," she said blushing

We nodded appreciatively. For a minute it was silent, with the exception of the animals.

"What did you guys do?" Harry asked leaning forward slightly

Hermione blushed before answering, "We...um....well he took me to a hidden classroom, we ate and, he...um....he kissed me."

I smirked while Harry sat back looking dazed.

"So you're Dramione now?" I asked teasingly

"What?" Harry asked raising his eyebrow

"Draco and Hermione equal Dramione. It's their ship name!" I said as he continued to look confused

Hermione looked like she was trying to melt into the seat, but at the same time she had a growing smile on her lips. At that time Ron came in, preventing them saying anything else.

"Ron," Hermione said taking a deep breath, "I'm dating Draco Malfoy"

"What?!" He shouted

"You can't change it so save your breath," Harry said pushing Ron down on the seat.

Pure shock lined the features of his face. We had just been sitting there for a while, when there was a tapping on the glass. Our heads turned and Harry went to the window. Outside was a tiny, fluffy owl holding an envelope. Harry pulled the window open and the owl fluttered in looking extremely proud of itself. Hermione and I laughed and cooed over the little bird while Harry read the letter.

"It's from Sirius! He said he and Buckbeak are safe. Ron, he said the Owls for you! And....he gave me permission to go to Hogsmede! That'll be good enough for Dumbledore!" Harry read almost jumping up and down with glee.

The rest of the ride went by quickly. Fred and George came to join us and we were playing Exploding Snap, when the train pulled to a halt. We all dragged out trunks to the platform laughing. We all looked around for our parents. The first one we saw was-

"Mrs Weasley!" I cried running to hug her. My truck sat forgotten next to Fred and George.

"Hello Savannah! Oh it's been so long! You've grown so much, and you look so much like your mother," Mrs Weasley said holding my face in her hands and examining me.

"Really Mum? What are Fred and I than, next door neighbors?" George asked as he held out his arms for a hug and she ran right past him to her other sons.

I snorted and stood by them.

"Don't worry Georgie, you and Freddie are still my favorites," I teased patting their arms in mock sympathy.

Harry laughed as he came over and put an arm around me.

"Savannah!" A voice cried out

I turned and saw my parents running towards me and I rushed towards them. They crushed me in a two sided hug. My mom's hair was a chocolate brown color and hanging in waves, she had emerald green eyes like mine, her skin was fairly tanned, she was as beautiful as always. My dad had very dirty blond hair that was impossible to tame, spring green eyes, lots of freckles, and was very tall. He tower over my mom and I by a good six inches. I kissed both of their cheeks before they saw Mrs Weasley and went to say hi.

Harry's POV

Savannah ran over to the people who called her name. The woman, who I assumed was her Mom, was the spitting image of my girlfriend. The man on the other hand, who I assumed was her Dad, was tall and didn't look very much like his daughter. The two went over to the Weasleys (minus the twins) while Savannah came back to us.

"Harry, if you're going to come over this summer, than you need to meet my parents. Fred, George, you need to come to, they'll be dying to see you!" Savannah said excitedly

We followed her and stopped in front of the three parents.

"Harry!" Mrs Weasley squealed before hugging him tightly

"Mom, Dad," Savannah started when Mrs Weasley released me, "meet my boyfriend, Harry Potter."

Mrs Weasley squealed again and pulled us both into a bone crushing hug. Savannah's mom rushed forward and hugged me the second I was released from the other hug. Her dad on the other hand, stood there and examined me from afar. I extended my hand and he grasped it tightly.

"I'm Savannah's mom, Allie, and this is my husband, James," Allie said enthusiastically.

"I defiantly want to see you this summer, Harry. Why don't we arrange a time for you to come and spend a week or so with us?" Allie began already whipping out a notepad and writing in it.

I shot Savannah a smile and she returned it.

She began asking him questions and writing down his answers.

"Mom, I'm gonna go with Harry to find his Aunt and Uncle," Savannah said saving him from anymore questions

"Oh! Okay!" Allie replied turning back to Mrs Weasley

"We'll meet you at the car than, kitten," James said with a small grin

We waved and took off .

Savannah's POV

Harry grabbed my hand and lead me through the crowd. We walked through the barrier and looked for Harry's relatives. Harry spotted them and lead me to them.

They were very snobby looking. His aunt was very bony and horse-like, his uncle had little neck and was very stern-looking, finally, his cousin was very chubby and looked a lot like his father.

"C'mon, boy," his uncle said turning around

I looked at Harry sadly. Harry laughed at my pout. He put his forehead on mine, smiling.

"Don't worry, Princess, not too much longer and we'll see each other again," he said reassuringly

I smiled slightly.

"But that's too long. I'm too used to seeing you everyday," I complained

Harry suddenly grabbed my face and kissed me! My hands rested on his chest and kissed him back. His lips were soft, yet firm. They were warm and slightly chapped. His hands left my face, barely grazing my sides before they found my waist and stayed there. I threw my arms around his neck pulling him closer.

We stayed there for what felt like years, but was only seconds. We finally pulled away when we heard my mom shouting about grandchildren and whatever else. Mrs Weasley must have just walked through the barrier because her squealing joined my mom's. I tucked my head under Harry's chin like his chest could protect me from the excited mothers.

"We better get used to it, Princess, I doubt it stops anytime soon," Harry sighed

I groaned and Harry chuckled. We finally hugged and said our goodbyes and went our separate ways. My face was officially a permanent red. The whole drive home my parents teased me about Harry. My dad could have avapperated is home, but my mom is a muggle and prefers driving.

"Hey, mom?" I started as a sudden idea struck me

"You're not going to tell me your engaged to Harry are you?" My mom replied teasingly

"No! Mom! I was just going to ask if for my birthday present I could get a cat from Diagon Alley!" I said laughing as bright blush spread over my cheeks once again

My parents laughter rang through the mini van clashing with my own.

"Your birthday isn't till August!" My dad said

"Than consider it an early present!" I reasoned

My dad sighed before agreeing.

"I'll take you on Saturday," he said running a hand through his hair

I silently celebrated.

"Thanks dad, thanks mom!" I gushed

The rest of the drive went by with me listening to music and reading.

At long last, we pulled into the driveway. My sandaled feet his the smooth pebbles and I rose out of the vehicle to admire the house I hadn't seen in so long. It was a cottage-style house. It was coated in large grey stones, had many windows, and all the exterior wood was a dark oak.

My dad unlocked the door and I pulled my trunk over the threshold. My dad grabbed my trunk and carried it up the stairs to my room. I took in the high ceilings, white walls, and bamboo flooring. I greeted my dads golden owl, Simba, and went upstairs to my room.

It was exactly as I left it. The blankets on my four poster bed were ripped back like I had just torn the back to get up and go to Hogwarts. The white pillows were still thrown at the top of the bed. I treated carefully on the carpet and pulled back my baby blue curtains to let the sunshine in. I set my sketch pad on my desk and went into the ajoined bathroom to empty all my personal items. I finally went over and pulled up the white comforter of my bed along with the pink sheets underneath over the pillows. I knelt down and continued to empty my trunk. I had just collapsed on my bed when an owl swooped in through my open window.

I recognized her as Harry's owl, Hedwig. Quickly, I untied the letter and read it. It said:

Savannah, I miss you already.

Get me away from the Dursleys!! They are only letting me keep my stuff in my room this year, because I told them about Sirius. I may have forgotten to tell them he's innocent. I think they're going to try to starve me this year. They out Dudley on a diet, so therefore we're all on a diet.

Ron invited you, Hermione, and I to the Quiddich World Cup!! Can you believe it?! You have to talk your parents into letting you come. Speaking of, I really liked your parents. I'll admit you're dad was a bit intimidating, but he seemed really nice. I'll see you really soon! Tell me when I get to come stay with you!

Love, Harry

I laughed and pulled out a piece of parchment and quill to reply:

Dear Harry,

I miss you too! Don't worry about starving I'll send you some food as soon as I can. Guess what! My dads going to let me get a cat on Saturday! I'm so excited!

My parents said I could go to the World Cup with you guys! I'm looking forward to it! Has Sirius wrote to you since you got back? I wish I would've gotten to meet him. Don't worry about my Dad. He's just naturally intimidating. He's actually a huge teddy bear! My parents said you could come stay with us on Monday! Send me your address and we'll come pick you up Monday! I'll see you soon! Hugs and kisses!

Love, Savannah

I watched Hedwig soar away. I smiled not able to wait for Monday. My mom called me down for supper and I went down for a dinner of homemade pizza.

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