I think I wanna marry you!

Savannah Rose Richelle, the nerdy, bubbly, positive girl.

Harry James Potter, the seeker, popular, perfect guy.

What could go wrong?

Savannah has had a crush on Harry since she first laid eyes on him. It's third year now, and romance is blooming everywhere. Will Savannah get to Harry before the most popular girl in the year?


6. Blushing. Again.

A/n Hey again guys! I know I have a horrible habit to do authors notes. I just had to say thank you again to Gryffindor Geek! I almost cried when I read your previous comment! You are too nice to me! 😘🤓🤗

Savannah's POV

I slumped into my seat in the fluffy armchair in the common room. Hermione smiled at me.

"Potions?" She asked knowingly.

"You know it," I sighed with a dreamy expression.

Suddenly Mione grabbed my arm and pulled me out of the common room.

"Whoa! Mione where are we going?" I asked laughing.

She just smiled and lead me out the oak doors and out to the grounds. We sat down under our normal tree.

"I invited Harry and Ron to meet us for the break out here," said Hermione calmly.

"You did what?!" I yelled.

"Relax," Ron said as he approached, "You need to win Harry over and won't do it yourself, so this is compromise."

Soon after we settled under the shade of the tree, me still glowering, Harry came out and joined us.

"Hi Harry," I practically whispered.

Somehow he still heard me.

"Hey Savannah," He said smiling.

I looked down blushing. Then I remembered that I had homework I wanted to get done.

"I'll be right back," I said quickly.

The second I got up I felt someone push me and I fell forward. Right into Harry. We both landed on the ground, me on top of Harry. My eyes were wide and I was blushing like mad. I heard Ron and Mione laughing behind us. I had my hand on the ground on either side of Harry and he had both his hands on my stomach. I tried to get up without hurting him any more than I already had. He was blushing more than I was as he sat up.

"S-sorry!" I exclaimed looking anywhere but at Harry.

"It's no problem I have a feeling that wasn't your doing," Harry said smiling still rather pink in the face.

I got up.

"I need to go get some of my homework I'll be back," I said still not looking at Harry.

Harry's POV

One minute I was standing up then next, I was flat on ground with Savannah on top of me. She was blushing so hard she was as red as a firetruck. I felt myself blush as well. Her green eyes met mine before she looked away, too embarrassed to look at me. Savannah really is so adorable when she blushes. Oh God, what's wrong with me? She muttered how sorry she was as she got up.

"It's no problem, I don't think it was your doing," I said sitting up.

Honestly I had a sneaking suspicion that Ron or Mione had pushed her. Suddenly she got up again muttering about homework. Then she hurried towards the castle.

"What was that about?" I asked the other two.

"Oh nothing," said Ron unconvincingly.

"Stop keeping secrets from me and tell me what's going on!" I shouted leaping to my feet.

They both looked startled but held their ground.

"If you think everything over carefully you'll figure it out, Harry," Mione said as if it was so simple.

I sighed and sat down as we waited for Savannah to come back.

Savannah's POV

I grabbed my forgotten homework from my bedside table and rushed out back into the corridor. I was almost to the door when someone turned the corner and ran right into me.

"Oof!" They cried as they fell to the ground.

The contents of my bag flew everywhere. I shook my head to clear it and rubbed my elbow where it had hit the wall.

"Are you okay?" I asked kindly looking up to see who it was.

When I looked up I saw Dean Thomas. He gaped at me and honestly I didn't blame him. Not because I'm stuck up and think I'm so pretty. But, because I was a mess. My hair was coming out from under my baby blue beanie and falling in my face, I had stray grass from my fall in my hair and clothes, and my tie was loose and my shirt hanging a little too low. Realizing this I yanked my shirt up and started gathering my stuff. Dean came out of his trance and helped me collect my stuff. I thanked him and went out into the dazzling sunlight to meet the trio.

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