I think I wanna marry you!

Savannah Rose Richelle, the nerdy, bubbly, positive girl.

Harry James Potter, the seeker, popular, perfect guy.

What could go wrong?

Savannah has had a crush on Harry since she first laid eyes on him. It's third year now, and romance is blooming everywhere. Will Savannah get to Harry before the most popular girl in the year?


30. A/n (sorry)

Hey guys! Sorry this isn't an update, but there will be one soon! OH MY GOODNESS WE HIT 18 THOUSAND READS! THATS A LOT!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! I wish I could have a giveaway like all the YouTubers. 😭

To show you guys my thanks though, I'm going to have a little competition. You can enter a character into a drawing and I will pick two or three characters to add into the story!

You just have to put in the following information:






What role you want to play

Any extra thing I should know about you!

Thanks for reading and good luck to anybody participating! I will draw names on January 26th

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