Feelings I wish I didn't have

Poems documenting stages of getting through a breakup.


4. I only give second chances

You say I deserve better,

but better's not for me.

All I want is you by my side,

And that, you cannot see. 


You say this is for my own good,

It clearly isn't though.

If you no longer love me,

You need to flipping well say so.


So you don't know if you love me,

And you're gonna dump me again.

I might have said "I'm always yours",

But this sure would be the end.


I only give second chances,

No thirds or fourths or fifths.

If you decided you loved me again,

Then we'd both be in deep shit. 


This is the only reason,

That I'm asking you to stay.

I can just about live with doubt

But possibility, no way. 

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