My life story

This is gonna be a story about my life, but I'm gonna use code names and nicknames for privacy purposes. Please help me with my jacked up life and PLEASE no judging! Thanks.


4. sixth grade:

Sixth grade I had no friends. They were all in higher honors classes than me. I was a lone and stuck with this absolute bitch. My teachers sucked. My friend sucked. My grades sucked. EVERYTHING SUCKED!!!! AND I was forced to go to another lunch table because my usual one was full. Thanks for sticking up for me guys (my 'friends'). That really helped. The only thing I like about sixth grade was switching classes so as I didn't have to be with that bitch Em anymore. Sixth grade went by so fast though, and I'm glad of it. I can't remember detail, but I do remember screwing up a lot.

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