The Toy Maker

A man who goes by the nickname Haunt is a toy maker. He makes toys, then sells them. But there is just one problem: his toys are too scary for children, so, they are too scary to sell. Haunt thought that they'd sell quickly. Then, one day, a little girl named Daisy buys three of his toys. She takes them home. The toys are a doll without eyes, a stuffed cat with a sword through its head, and a teddy bear that is worn out and has dark red tears in it, that looks like bleeding scratches. Soon, she puts them on her shelf, then forgets about them. But, the toys are cursed. And they will come to haunt her. ---A CreepyPasta Fanfiction---


2. The Little Girl

Daisy's POV

I clutch Mommy's hand, chewing my fist. It was early morning, and we were in the city, looking for a suitable store to buy me a few toys. A bunch of people filled the streets.

Toys. A word that has only been in my fantasies. We were so poor, we didn't have enough money to buy me toys. But, Mommy got a job, and now has enough money to buy me a few things to play with.

We approached a store with a bunch of toys in the window. An eyeless doll caught my eye.

"Mommy... can we go in there?', I asked, pulling at her hand and pointing towards the store. 

She read the sign. Haunt's Toy Store. It appeared to be old and abandoned.

"Honey... you sure you want to go in there?", she said doubtfully.

I nodded enthusiastically, pulling at her hand. "Please...?" I did my best puppy eyes.

She blew out a sigh. "All right, Daisy. But only for a few minutes. This store creeps me out."

We go in the door, the bell dinging to announce our arrival.

"Mommy... can I look around?", I ask, begging.

She reluctantly nodded, and I walked around the aisles, my eyes wide as I look around at everything. 

It all should have scared me, but it didn't. I eventually decided on three toys, a cat, a teddy bear, and the eyeless doll.

The creepy qualities of each toy didn't affect me.

When I approached Mommy, she startled at the sight of my gruesome toys, then puts a hand over her heart. "Oh... just.. toys. You ready to go pay?"

I nodded, following Mommy to the counter.



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