The Toy Maker

A man who goes by the nickname Haunt is a toy maker. He makes toys, then sells them. But there is just one problem: his toys are too scary for children, so, they are too scary to sell. Haunt thought that they'd sell quickly. Then, one day, a little girl named Daisy buys three of his toys. She takes them home. The toys are a doll without eyes, a stuffed cat with a sword through its head, and a teddy bear that is worn out and has dark red tears in it, that looks like bleeding scratches. Soon, she puts them on her shelf, then forgets about them. But, the toys are cursed. And they will come to haunt her. ---A CreepyPasta Fanfiction---


3. My New Toys

Daisy's POV

As Mommy and I stepped up to the counter, a man was hunched over behind the counter, going through boxes.

Mommy cleared her throat loudly, and the man looked up. When he saw us, his eyebrows rose, and he stood, smiling.

"Why, hello! I'm Hunter. Call me Mister Haunt, if you please. Are you buying today?"

I nodded, and Mommy sighed. "Yeah, we are," she said, gently taking the toys from me and setting them on the counter.

Mr. Haunt scanned the toys and put them in a plastic bag, then handed the bag to me. 

Haunt turned to Mommy. "That's fifteen dollars, please, Miss."

Mommy handed the money over, thanked Haunt, and took my hand, taking me outside.

She turned to me. "Daisy... please don't make us go back in there again."

I nodded. "I won't..."

She smiled. "Good. Now. let's go home."

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