Science And Occultism

Occult concept of evolution is vastly broader than Science as 'Intention' being the basic concept - the primary organizing principle behind Nature - ' Live and Let live ' and ' Climate of value fulfillment where the individual struggles to enhance the quality of his life and as well as of other spices.


4. Synthesis.

The worlds exist within us as we exist within the worlds,

the subatomic particles and shadow matter of the physicist

become the etheric matter of the occultist,

the hypnagogic images of the psychologist

emerge as the clairvoyance of the occultist.


The synthesis of science and occultism on ethical basis

brings a healthy sense of spirituality

with the Nature conceptualized as an infinite song or symphony.


Every thing visible and invisible- wave patterns,

self similarity in the infinity of nested waves.

" As above so below" - the primary organizing principle.


The individual `auras` like atoms binding in a greater unit,

a ` psycho magnetic ` bond between  ` auras ` - like or dislike

 in communication and social interaction.


We are linked and connected to each other;

every human action creates a ripple in the universe,

our thoughts vibrated to others,

no accidents and no coincidences

as every thing happens for a reason.

And synchronicity is the law of unity.


The entire drama of human experience

played through emotions, feelings, attitudes and thought process;

Not philosophy which defines human lives and goals,

but our perceptions and our ability to grasp

define our experience, our lives and our goals -sadly sometimes.


Science and occultism deal with strange rites and secret formulas and strange words;

scientist stirring bubbling solutions

the image of witch brewing potions.


18th century:

The ban of church and the New Age Movement

caused the existence of occult secret societies;

Rosicrucian, Free masons, Alchemists and others.


Von der Leew says;

The hidden occult anatomy in humans,

relate to `auras, chakras and kundalini,

the non physical planes- astral body and mental body -

the basis of psychic abilities.


The important occult notion ` The Law Of Karma `

reflects Newton's  `Law Of Motion `.

`For every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction `

mirrors `Which you give, you shall receive the same`.


For an occultist:

All the probable realities for a situation exist side by side;

the universe branching out into many universes

so that all the possibilities can be realized.


Occultist's notion of Time and Space identical to Einstein's Theory of Relativity -

All Time in the history of the universe

occur as simultaneous cross sections in a four dimensional manifold of space and time -

the same being said in `Bhagavadgita ` the Hindu scripture thousands of years back.


For an occultist:

" Climate of value fulfillment " - the path or Dharma

 for the individual to enhance the quality of life for him as well as for other species;

If this is violated or infringed, wars, national and personal crises, diseases and disasters

other calamities  destroy the global peace.


Occult concept evolution

vastly broader than scientific concept;

" Intention " being the basic concept -

the fundamental organizing principle behind Nature.


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( Based on the writings on Dr, Donald De Gracia, Sri Aurobindo, Marilyn Ferguson. )

































































































































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