Science And Occultism

Occult concept of evolution is vastly broader than Science as 'Intention' being the basic concept - the primary organizing principle behind Nature - ' Live and Let live ' and ' Climate of value fulfillment where the individual struggles to enhance the quality of his life and as well as of other spices.


3. Body, Brain And Consciousness.

Occultism not clothed like scientific knowledge,

Individual needs to develop inner faculties,

tune himself to the different levels of His consciousness

to gain knowledge from within.


Listen and accept with an open mind,

receive from one source- spirit

the desired inspiration of wisdom,

the consciousness meditates upon it

and the intellect abandons itself to the divine- says  a wise Master.


The fractal quality of the non physical planes- the self similarity,

the same pattern in Nature at all myriad levels;

but the laws that govern the space of these worlds

differ from those of our world;

Consciousness can shift to any part of the body,

or can expand to include or merge with other bodies and consciousness.


No consciousness with out brain for a scientist

no life after death and all perceptions of non physical planes,

amount to illusions created by brain;

but for an occultist: body and brain

vehicles for consciousness to interact- basis fir the science of self culture.


Occult concepts of non physical behavior

identical to the quantum field descriptions of physical matter,

ideas from Chaos theory coincide

with the occult mechanism of thought form behavior.


Both science and occultism are empirical

and phenomenological in approach to gain knowledge and wisdom;

But occultism is participatory, Nature as its home

and science is alienatory confined to the Laboratory.


Occultism not just an intellectual system of thought to empower the individual

the intention behind- the betterment of the individual

through moral and ethical approach- be it Tao. Dharma or Karma.


" This always depends on the quality of the character of the practitioner ".


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