Wide Awake

Lisa is a regular girl, until one day she goes for a walk in the woods and stumbles over something that was meant to be kept secret. What will happen to her in a turn of events where Lisa has to fight her way back home. Find out in Wide Awake.


2. The Realizsation

"Your the long lost sister." Lydia said and opened the glass mirror door. 

"What?" I croaked.

"I am not a woodland fairie. Sorry I had to lie. It was important though. Let me help you get through this. You are one of five sisters that are princesses in the forest. I am one too. We all have names that start with L, That's how I knew it was you. We have been looking for you for a long time Lisa. You are our long lost sister." Lydia finished.

"How? It's not possible." I said and looked into the mirror once more.

"When we were born there was a forest fire..." She starts but I cut her off. The memories were flooding back.

"And, we had to be saved. And I was a little pup and so were the others and we were running and I ran the wrong way and..." That was all I could remember.

"And then you ran into the backyard of your parents home and, you were so exaughsted from running that you turned back into your 'human' form and when you did, your 'parents' came out and saw you as a baby curled up on their lawn. They picked you up and took you in." Lydia finished again.

I didn't know what to say. I was really a half wolf? I don't know.

"What are the other girls names?" I asked dumbfounded.

"Well there is me, you, Lauren, Lucy, and Layla. We're all the same age too." Lydia said with a smile. "Come meet them. They have been waiting to see you." Lydia reached over to me and helped me up. We walked through what I thought was a castle until we made it to what seemed to be a bedroom. Lydia knocked in a specific form and the door swung open. There were 5 beds there, the one in the middle looked like it never had been touched and was probably mine. There were 3 girls in the room and they all jumped up as I entered.

"Lisa!" They all shouted and ran toward me. I smiled and hugged them even though I hardly knew them.

"I'm Lucy." Said the first one and smiled. She had dark brown hair and brown eyes.

"I'm Layla." Said the next and she looked a lot like me except with brown eyes. 

"And I'm Lauren." Said the last one. She looked nothing like me or the others, she had bleach blond hair and bright blue eyes. 

"I'm Lisa obviously." I said and laughed. They laughed along with me.
"Can we see that you really are her?" Lauren asked.

"Yeah sure. I'm still trying to get the changing thing down but i'll try." I said and concentrated on how I looked in the mirror. When I opened my eyes Lauren and the others were practicly jumping up and down they were so happy.

"You are her! Come on girls lets show her what we look like!" And with that Lucy, Lauren, and Layla changed into wolves. Lauren looked a lot like me with a thick white coat. Lucy had a dark brown coat with black streaks, and Layla had a coat something like Lydia's which was brown and blond and sparkled in the light. I smiled a toothy smile and then turned back human. I watched as the others did the same.


(Sorry this one is short. I have to go to bed! See you guys soon! 




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