Wide Awake

Lisa is a regular girl, until one day she goes for a walk in the woods and stumbles over something that was meant to be kept secret. What will happen to her in a turn of events where Lisa has to fight her way back home. Find out in Wide Awake.


1. A normal day...

I woke up with a sudden pain in my side wishing that it was not a Monday. Ugh. I looked at my clock and was suprised to see that it said Saterday. I shrugged and hopped out of bed. I pulled on a short-sleeved shirt and then some shorts and hopped down the stairs to the dining room. I skipped into the kitchen and grabbed a oatmeal bar. 

"Mom I'm heading out back." I yelled and got a reply saying ok. I headed out into the yard and to the back where my fort was. I scaled the tree closest in to the forest and got to the top where there was a platform and a chair. I sat down in it and picked up a pair of binoculars. I looked around and without warning started to sing, because that was my nature. 

"Waking up to kiss you and nobody's there, The smell of of your perfume still stuck in the air, it's hard."

The whole forest became quiet as my voice echoed through it.

"Yesterday I thought I shadow running around. It's funny how things never change in this old town. So far, from the stars." It was as if the forest was hanging onto my every word. I heaved a heavy sigh and looked up at the sky.

"And I want to tell you everything, the words I never got to say the first time around. And I remember everything from when we were the children playing in this fairground. Wish I was with you there now..."

The forest waited for me to continue but when I didn't, the forest's birds started to sing again. I sighed once more. I stood up and walked over to a rope that was tied to a limb of a tree. I grabbed the rope and swung myself to another platform in the other tree. I did the same 3 times before making it to a platform with a table. This was where I did homework. I still had some from Friday and my bag was up here so I started it. 

"God I hate math." I said to no one in particular. 

"So do I!" A high-pitched voice replied to me. I whipped my head around and looked for the source of the voice. After I didn't find it I said,

"Who's there?" 

"My name's Lydia!" Someone shouted from far away. I watched as a girl walked out from behind a tree on one of my platforms. 

"How'd you find this place?" I asked very confused.

"I live in the trees..." Lydia said slowly. "I'm well, it's not important."

"Ok...?" I said slowly. "Well I'm Lisa." And I swung over to the platform Lydia was on and shook her hand.

"You wanna hang out?" I asked. 

"Well I live farther in the woods and I'm not supposed to talk to humans... Your not a human though, I can tell" Lydia said slowly.

"Humans?" I questioned. "If your not human what are you? And I am a human, I mean I was born one." 

"Well I am a wood elf, and my father is the king of the forest. I know you have to be something magical because the forest fell dead when you sang. It only does that for magical creatures, watch." And with that, Lydia started to whistle a little tune that sounded almost like water dropping on a pond. The whole forest went silent as she whistled and when she came to a stop, it almost paused waiting for her to start again. When it saw she was done, all the animals began to move about and the wind blew again. 

"See?" Lydia said. "You have to be magical if you can do that too. So what are you?"

I paused and thought for a second. I've always been kind of different haven't I?  Yet what I failed to notice then was that Lydia's wings, which I also hadn't noticed, had turned black and not white.

"I'm not sure. I didn't even know this stuff existed till now." I said honestly.

"Well, I know your a magical creature so Daddy won't be mad if I bring you home to play." Lydia said with a mischevious smile. Again, I didn't catch it and hopped to the ground with her. We walked a very long way into the forest until I didn't recognize anything. I felt a slight chill on my shoulders and pulled my jacket off my waist. We still kept walking till we came to a clearing. For some reason, I recognized it and I didn't know why. I'd never been here before. Then Lydia snapped and the entire field became a forest clearing filled with little houses and hollows. She snapped again and her and I shrunk down to the right size to fit in the houses. I looked and saw mermen and mermaids swimming in a pond, fairies flying everywhere. I was so happy, until I saw the guards walking towards us.

"Lydia?" I turned around and she was there smirking.

"Don't worry Lisa, they're going to take you to you quarters so you have a place to sleep." She said while smirking.

I believed her. They took me by the arms and led me through a door and into a room with a lot of weird contraptions. They sat me down in a chair and looked at me for a second. Finally one spoke.

"What are you?" Said the first.

"I'm a, well I don't really know?" I said to him.

"Then we will just have to figure out." Suddenly the smell of meat filled my senses. I jumped out of my chair because I can't resist meat ever. Never in my life. I walked towards a door I didn't know knowing the smell was coming from it. Suddenly it disapeared and I turned around to a mirror. They had trapped me in a room of mirrors. I looked around. There was a wolf, with white fir in the mirror staring back at me. I didn't get what it was. I blinked, it blinked. I moved my head, it moved it's head. I jumped, and it leaped in the air. Then it hit me. That wolf was me. A panel opened on one of the mirrors and the wolf in the mirror turned back into me. I heard Lydia's voice through the panel. 

"I've found you. The long lost sister."

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