Words we should never have left unsaid

I have all these unsaid words left unsaid. Because I dont think anyone wants to hear it. They say they are always there for you, but deep inside they dont want you to tell them how badly you feel. Because they dont want there illousion destroyed.


3. Kapitel 3

The books are my escape from this world. The “real” world, as they call it. The books create a light in this fantasy-forbidden world. I mean, can you forbid me to feel free? Because that is what the books does. Make me feel free. The characters become my family and I know their every move. Our journey through the books, become like an inside joke for us. No one else understands. The books create a safe bubble for me. You cannot be my friend if you ask me to leave this and never come back. It would mean to leave my family behind, destroy their world, and leave them to die. That I can´t do. If I do that I would lose a part of me. An important part of me, a big part of me. You wouldn´t recognize me if I lose this part.
I was never really a part of this world. Every time I go to bed, I joy. Because in my dreams my imagine come alive and the fantasy is taking over. When I wake up from my dream, a little piece of my heart breaks of when I again remember that fantasy is only fantasy in this world.

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