Frank Owens Contractors Review

Frank Owens has been established since 1992, providing high standards of utility service contract work throughout Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland.


1. Protecting the Environment


Before any engineering preparation, ground works and site clearance must be performed. But these tasks have potential risk in the environment. A comprehensive analysis of the potential environmental effects of site clearing demands an extensive investigation. Moreover, though significant study is done, prior measures must be performed to avoid possible environmental impacts on the project's location.

The following environmental impacts have the potential to be generated during the construction and operation of the project:

1.Chemical contamination

The spread of hazardous chemicals used in construction may affect the overall quality of the water and soil in the area.

2.Pollution from surface water

Clearing and construction activities may cause waterways to become polluted due to surface water running off during construction. 

3.Loss of nearby habitat around the area

Noise generated by equipments during construction activities may disrupt the existence of plants and animals near the site.

4.Increase in water flows to nearby areas

Groundworks or site enabling works may affect water flows such that it may result to possible dangers like landslides or mudslides.

Frank Owens Contractors composed of a team with an extensive skills and proper training required to provide an excellent utility service. Assuring landowners that the work is properly done with an adequate precaution for the environment.

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