realization through heartbreak

This is a story about my friend,who went through a hard time,and was painfully rejected by what he wanted most.

This is a true story,and I do have permission to write it, and please keep in mind,these are all real events,thoughts,and emotions.

Cameron is my friend,not me.
This is for the heart break competition,so please like,comment,and enjoy.


6. who knew rejection could feel like a blade



 He'd made it through the weekend and Monday without panicking or having another fantasy gone bad, but the he woke up and almost cried from the dream he'd had. Rolling over and looking at his alarm clock he realized that it was 5:00, and he still had a hour until he had to actually get up. But as soon as he closed his eyes he knew that he wouldn't be able to go back to bed. So unstead he got up and followed his morning routine, but took a extra long HOT shower unsteady of his normal cold and short ones. By 5:45 he had packed his sister and him lunch and made himself breakfast when his mom came out and gave him a puzzled look, and said "Why are you up so early?" "I could ask you the exact same thing." He said with a pissy  attitude and a tone saying 'he didn't give a damn why she was up so early', but she didn't take the hint and said with her own tone saying 'What's up your ass?' "Teddy woke me up and won't go back to bed, so I can't go back to bed either. As if he knew they were talking about him, Teddy came prancing out of the bedroom and between her legs, and looked at him with a questioning look. "He probably just wants his morning cereal." My mom said with a snicker that look like it hurt her when she did it. "Well", I said with a glance up to her, "he'll have to wait until Ally gets up then, won't he?" He said like it was a fact and glared down at his milk to see his mother staring at him with a look of disapproval. "Is their something that I can help you with or can you leave me in peace to eat, go wake up Ally, I'm sick of her always being late for the bus and me having to make the guy wait." The damn bus driver's always in a fucking hurry around this time of the year, he's close to getting a two and half month break from bringing children to and from their houses and school, and wants to make it come sooner than what anyone would think is humanly possible. "I don't know what your problem is, but you better get the hell over it or your going to be in trouble when I get home." He just ignored her, he loved his mom but she needed to learn when to fucking leave his ass alone and mind her own business, she needed to learn he's not one of those soft guys that shares his feelings and talks about his day at school. After contemplating how school was going to be he went and took a jog around the  cul-de-sac waiting for the bus, it got there and they left. It was wellness already, and Ty ran up to him looking sheepish and scared, and before I could ask him what was wrong I saw Logan walking up behind him, but out of ear shot. "What the hell did you do Ty?" He asked in a very low voice that made Ty cringe in fear. "He was next to me when I opened up my locker and some of those notes fell out, from where we'd been talking to each other in math class, and he read them. Oh fuck, this worse than what he'd ever thought, he doesn't share his feelings out loud but was better at writing them down, with a lot more emotion put into them. "Damn it Ty, everything was on those, why did I ever fucking trust you in the first place, and now I'm in deep shit." Logan slowly approached him and Ty with Hayden behind him who was smirking like he had just won a game and had done it in dirty ways. "Hey Logan, what's up man?" He said trying to play it cool, and get off the hook. I've been informed that a FAG likes me and that this fag, was you Cameron. Do you happen to like me, because that's what those notes said before I trashed them." Cameron didn't know what to do, so he lied with style, and said "Are you sure that it wasn't another Cameron that had been mentioned in these so called notes? "Yeah I'm pretty sure, besides, Hayden said you've mentioned liking me before saying you were bi-sexual." "Well Logan, I can tell you one thing, don't trust Hayden, he's a lying douchebag who's been out to get me for half a year." Cameron said with more anger than what he felt at Ty at the moment. This all and all he figured was just destined to be a bull shit day, not to mention that the familiar pressure on his chest just got a lot worse, worse than what he was conformable with. He just walked away before he got in trouble, but not before he looked Ty in the eye and called him a garbage eating piece of shit cockroach, then stormed off in such a bad mood he said fuck off right in front of a teacher. He'd been so pissed off that he didn't even remember getting on the bus, but when he did he let out everything he felt except sadness, he'd save that one for later. When he got home the only thought he had was, 'how can rejection hurt worse than being cut by the blade of a knife?' That was the only thought he had before he sliced his leg open and let the blood be obsorbed by paper towels, and then put a bandage on his leg and flushed the paper towels down the toilet, so no one could ever see it. He rinsed off the knife and felt exhausted, 'probably from blood loss.' he thought before he fell asleep on  the couch. His dreams were plagued by Logan's voice taunting him, calling him a fag, nothing like the pleasent ones he used to have, but those are probably over, destroyed by the facts of today. The facts saying that Logan Shane Kinder was a homophobic douchebag that lives his life from a book. He had nothing against religion of any kind, but when you let a book control you, we'll that's a different story. His mom woke him up and he'd rather her not have, because he felt like shit, so he ate, showered, and went to bed thinking about how he'd deal with the rest of the week, and year.

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