realization through heartbreak

This is a story about my friend,who went through a hard time,and was painfully rejected by what he wanted most.

This is a true story,and I do have permission to write it, and please keep in mind,these are all real events,thoughts,and emotions.

Cameron is my friend,not me.
This is for the heart break competition,so please like,comment,and enjoy.


8. summer at last

---------------------------------------------------------last day-----------------------------------------------------------

   It was the last day and Cameron hadn't gotten one prank off on Logan because he used to have trust issues, but now they were ten times worse. He couldn't think know of anyone he could trust besides his best friend Charlie, who would follow him most of the time, but he didn't think he would back him up on this one. He just needed to last a few more hours without getting into trouble, but Taylor was making that really hard at he moment. They were in Mrs. Carico's class on the computers in the lab and I had gotten into my music when Taylor decided to be an ass. "Is Logan going to make you hard in the janitors closet, is he going to pull you back in the dark?" Even though I hadn't officially come out to everyone yet the joke still annoyed the fuck out of me. And just the prospect of what she said made me think of one of the rare good dreams I had recently, and I cursed when it actually did make me hard. Her voice startled me and caused me to jump and bang my legs and dick on the bottom of the table we were at, making Mrs. Ray yell at me for screwing around. 

   In homeroom Mrs. Crabtree despite being an evil bitch told us we were going outside for wellness with a few other classes, despite the fact that we didn't have to go outside. Taylor called me, Jenna, Charlie, and Jackson over into a circle and said she had downloaded a truth or dare game and we were going to play together. Truth or dare is one of my favorite games but I also hate it, if your confused I'll restate it. I love being ballsy while playing, but I hardly ever turn down a dare, so if it's really stupid I still normally do it. She put I  names that were funny like builder for Jackson cause his glasses look like construction goggles, but I think they're cool. She always says she's uglier than a potato so there was hers, than she says, " And Cameron as Club XYZ." This started up a conversation quickly because Jenna and Taylor both started giggling. "What's Club XYZ Taylor?" Jackson  asked curiously. Taylor laughed and said, "It's a gay club, so it really suites Cameron quite well." What an ass hole she is, but I have no room to call her that really, I threatened to kill Ty while they were dating. He told me he dumped her because he had a dream that Emily Cable, Taylor's best friend, started dating Taylor behind his back. Even though it didn't make sense to me because as far as I'm aware of they are both strait, but then again, I thought I was too.

   We went inside after about an hour, which was longer than normal, and Mrs. Carico asked me if I wanted to help her in her room. I said sure and put on some music and helped her clean up and put the desks out in the hall with a couple of other kids. The whole year she had this snake skin on a tree branch that her husband found in the back of the room, she said she'd had it for years now. She asked me if I wanted to take it, and I was so excited I almost said, "Hell yeah I want it!" But I caught my tongue and replied calmly,"Yes mam, I'd love to take it home with me." Then I was on the bus ride home ready for some fun for once. Just had to get past the ass hole who taunted me all year and beat the shit out of me, but to my luck he wasn't there and I actually got a seat to myself for once on the normally crowded bus. We were all excited except for the fact that I would miss a few people over summer that I didn't have contact with through the internet. That people was Abigail Roberts, a friend I'd had since the beginning of the year, probably before. She was in seventh grade and would be moving into eight pretty damn soon, she was a person that could make me laugh and shared some of the same taste in music I had as far as emo-ish bands like peirce the veil. And then I was off the bus and at my front door, staring at the place I would be inprisoned in for at least two and a half months if not more.

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