realization through heartbreak

This is a story about my friend,who went through a hard time,and was painfully rejected by what he wanted most.

This is a true story,and I do have permission to write it, and please keep in mind,these are all real events,thoughts,and emotions.

Cameron is my friend,not me.
This is for the heart break competition,so please like,comment,and enjoy.


1. Denial

    It had started one day,when we were in math class. It was quite and everyone was focused on there work,until Ty got back from the nurse with Logan. Holy shit,when did he lose the glasses,did he get contacts,or did he just simply choose to go without them today. When did he start wearing t-shirts and jeans,he looks good in black. No,what am I saying, he's not cute,he can't be cute he's a guy. Not that it's wrong,but I don't think I'm..I' Is it hereditary,I've never heard of being gay through genes,is that even possible. Whatever,I'll just try not to look at him,he'll notice me staring soon if I don't quit.


-----------------------------------------------------------------one week later--------------------------------------------------------------------------


Ah,tcap testing is finally here,wave two of the the tests. I'd finally grasped the concept that I might be gay,but more than likely bi,I'm still interested in girls,but I notice guys sometimes to. It's just difficult,knowing that I'm different,but different is good. I have this weird pressure pressing in on me,the pressure of a secret,I need to tell someone,I need to tell someone soon. But first I have to study for tomorrow's testing in ELA.

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