Endless Road

Song from my band


1. Endless Road


I’m walking down this lonely road.

Walking down the streets I used to roam.

Catching sites, seeing pretty things.

I feel like i’m caught on strings.

Oh, it’s an endless road.

I’m walking down the streets I used to call home.

And everyone knows, that i’m not going back to the life I used to love.

Have you ever felt you held the world in your hands?

But you feel like now it’s all just strands, of memories.

You’re walking down the streets and you see a girl you used to know,

But it’s like it was all covered in snow.

You see the house you used to live in,

Then you see the girl you know run by.

I think of the way I knew that I’d been,

I wish that I could just fly, away.

Now i’m walking down this endless road…

Of memories I used to know.

And now I see… The side of me I never knew before.

oh i’ve been wishin, yes i’ve been certain…

but It’s like the world was behind a curtain… of mist.

And I realize it was a disguise, meant to hide us from our real lives. I know i’ve tried and i have cried but it’s all over now. I think…………..

Cause it’s an endless road (Refrain

as i walk down to my home.

And there’s me, it’s clear to see that i have been wishing for a while-- ile. and now i’m done.

With this endless road

that i used to know

and i have cried and i have abided to the rules and i want out of this.

No more last kiss

I am done i have gone,

Down this Endless Road.

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