My book of daily updating.

Just life updates. If you guys read this... I'm guessing that you guys aren't bored with me... Which is good! XD


1. Oct. 3rd, 2016

Well... Life... SUCKS! I had a horrible day of school today... Okay.. I went to go see my World History teacher, Mr. G. During 4th period. And I was happy. I HAVE THE WORST TEACHER IN 4TH PERIOD. MRS. D. (I KNOW! FUNNY XD) BUT HERE'S MY PROBLEM WITH HER, • She sees earbuds as a distraction. Like for example, you're listening to music during an assignment in class... SHE WILL TAKR IT FROM YOU. YOUR PHONE, IPOD, WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO MUSIC. LIKE, SERIOUSLY? THEN SHE HAS A NO HATS IN CLASS RULE. like, I understand, but GUYS WEAR THEM! IM JUST SO ANGRY. I HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS WOMAN... TWICE! 4TH PERIOD AND 6TH. Another thing that ticks me off about her is her "Daily Points" You get like half a point a day... Okay here's my opinion.. They are useless. She's like 60.. What even??? Reminder: IM IN HIGHSCOOL! IS THIS LIKE, STUFF TO DO WITH 3RD OR 4TH GRADE KIDS?? (meaning, daily points.) Okay.. Well BESIDES THAT, my day was okay.. Got home a bit late.. Had to catch up on homework. Don't get to babysit till THURSDAY!!!!!!!! Two days of peace!!!!!! @ShadowAdachi @Paytonhemmings You two know why... XD Okay, I think I'm done. See ya guys later! Love!, Peace!, 5SOS! Xx Natasha
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