My Personal Diary

This is so you guys can give me some advice for my horrible messed up life. Please help. Also don't know what will end up in here.


3. School....

Hi guys. How are you? Well let's just get into it. My sister and I were typing on our school computers in a text and we were playing truth or dare with this guy from our school. He kept swearing and I didn't say anything. I left and didn't play truth or dare but then my sister stayed and played. She ended up swearing a few times cause her leg was hurting. Then our vice princaple found out and we are now gonna be in a meeting with him after school. I was scared at first but now I'm prepared and I have a good argument that is going to get me and my sister out of trouble. I have to go now so I will see you all later guys! Please write some advice! See ya!

-Wil (and River/Riv)

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