My Personal Diary

This is so you guys can give me some advice for my horrible messed up life. Please help. Also don't know what will end up in here.


7. River...

This is a really hard topic and I don't know if Tegan will let me write about it. Let me ask...


Ok. Tegan said it was ok. Last night when I was talking about River, and we couldn't find her. After Tegan mentioned the park she ran over there. She saw River on top of one of these really high up spots in the wooded area around the park. River looked her right in the eye and then jumped off of it...

River died last night at 9:31. Tegan came home screaming and dragged me to the park. She happened to land just at the right spot. So now I'm short one sister. Forever. I don't know what to do now. Our dad forced us to go to school today anyway. So I am sitting with Tegan practicly crying right now. I have to go. I'm sorry guys it's just, I can't write this anymore.

- Wil

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