My Personal Diary

This is so you guys can give me some advice for my horrible messed up life. Please help. Also don't know what will end up in here.


10. Hey Guys

Wow, I haven't written here in a while. Well hello everyone. How are you guys? My life is pretty confusing but so if you haven't read my story called Confession, read that first. Basically, I had a fight with a friend and were not really friends anymore. So I wanted to write this down. I was really, really depressed on the 19th. I was thinking about my friend and how she didn't like me anymore. So I wrote her a letter. I told her about how I was sorry about what happened, even though it really wasn't my fault, (at least that's how I feel) and then I put in a few gifts and then put away the letter in an envelope. On the envelope, I wrote her name and said for her to open it on January 4th. I'm planning on giving her the letter on January 4th. So this is my entry for today. I want to say that I might not be writing in here a lot. Well it was nice talking to you.

-Willow <3

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