My Personal Diary

This is so you guys can give me some advice for my horrible messed up life. Please help. Also don't know what will end up in here.


13. 12.6.2016

Hey guys, sorry I didn't write for a few days. I need to tell you a few things. Let me first pay tribute to the rest of my fish that died.

Rest In Peace:




Little Fins


That's all that died. There are only 2 left. Other then that, nothing really happened. I got in a fight with my dad and I was so mad I just left the house for a bit. Then at school today, two of the popular guys at my school (who happen to be twins) came up to me and started saying they liked me. I got embarrassed and I ran away and now they won't stop! God I hate guys. 
I've gotta finish homework. Ciao for now,

-Willow <3

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