Malfoy's Baby Sister

It has been 7 years since my parents sent me to live with some of their distant relatives in Russia. It has been 4 years since, then, did I get expelled from Koldovstoretz for accidentally disintegrating a fourth of the school from a terribly concocted potion. It has been three years since then, I was moved to France, to attend Beauxbatons. My name is Venus Malfoy and I'm coming back home.


3. Chapter 3

Pouring a small portion of Raisin Bran in her bowl, Venus also grabbed a few green grapes and eggs, oh how she missed having eggs for breakfast, and fixed herself some black tea. It wasn't long after, that Venus took a sip of her tea, did she hear the fluttering of wings. A parliament of owls were flying above everyone; soon, some were dropping down, delivering the posts and parcels belonging to students. An owl flew down next to Venus, landing on her shoulder, waited till Venus took the parcel from out of its beak, before it flew off again. Opening the parcel, Venus was glad to see that she had received a reply so soon.

        You need to be more enthusiastic. I'm not surprised though, you've always been picky with everything. I sent you some mini quiches; the box is enchanted ;). I also found that mirror I told you about in my grandmother's jewelry box. The darn box was hard to find, but it was worth it though. Also, for your dreams, the potion I included should help; but just so you know, it's just a prototype. I'm still working on the final product; so hopefully by the time you run out, it'll be done. Besides the potions, there's really nothing else to write about. Oh, Venus have you found Draco yet? If you forgot, I just reminded you. If not, take a stroll by the lake.
                Alexandra Beaulieu


"Be more enthusiastic?" Venus chuckled, "Dearest cousin, I am being enthusiastic," spotting something orange in the box, "And you have jokes," Venus commented, as she picked up the orange rose, smiling fondly at it.

Walking along the Black Lake she pushed loose strands of hair behind her ear. Sighing, Venus took a seat beside a tree. Maybe I should've said yes to Brier; I can't do this by myself. Venus thought nervously. "Ahem" someone cleared their throat from beside Venus, catching her attention. "Let's go ask Mother and Father if we can go out to the gardens today?"


The twins' reunion was, to put it, bittersweet. Being separated from each other at a young age; then, being prohibited from seeing or contacting each other throughout the years, not like it stopped them from secretly sending letters to each other, all by the same person. But right now, those years they missed together, they meant nothing to them now; they were here and together again. 

From a distance, their friends watched the siblings reconnect once again, with smiles on their faces.

The two friends made their way up the stairs to the owlery. Venus wanted to check up on her owl and send a letter to Alexandra, thanking her for the tip. The happiness in Venus's heart still swelled from seeing Draco again. Brier was still smiling at how happy her friend was; she never got this happy often. Making it to the top, there was only one other person inside; she was wearing a Hogwarts uniform. She was petting the owls and feeding them treats. An owl flew over to Venus, landing on her outstretched arm. "Hey Jasper," Venus greeted the owl, who nibbled her finger affectionately. "How are you doing?" and Jasper hooted in response happily, causing Venus to giggle, as Brier petted her. 

"She really like attention," a voice said, causing the girls to look up, it belonged to the other girl. "She wouldn't really let me give any attention to the others."

"She is kind of an attention hog," Venus said, as Jasper hooted in a way to say she isn't, causing the three girls to chuckle at her.

"I'm Freya, it's nice to meet you"

"It's nice to meet you too Freya. I'm Venus"

"I'm Brier"

"You have got to be kidding m. Are you serious Fleur?!" Brier said frantically.

"Yes, very," the eldest Delacour calmly replied. "I already put it in this morning, so don't try to convince me otherwise," she added.

"And where was I? I was with you this morning...we all were!" 

"You were still asleep"

"Just be careful Sis," Gabrielle said.

"I will, so don't worry," reassured Fleur.

"She also may not be chosen anyhow. Everyone over 17, who came here with us, also put their names in," Ravenna, Fleur's close friend, added.

"Including you?" Brier asked.

"Including me," Ravenna replied. It should be mentioned that this conversation is occurring while they're making their way down to the Great Hall, for the announcement of the champions.

"Well, I estimate that the goblet will require one more minute. Now, when the champions' names are called, I would ask them please to come up to the top of the Hall, walk along the staff table, and go through into the next chamber," indicating the door behind the staff table, "where they will be receiving their first instructions." Suddenly sparks began to fly from the goblet, and soon, so did a tongue of red flame, carrying a charred piece of paper. Dumbledore caught it, "The champion for Durmstrang...will be Viktor Krum."

"Bravo, Viktor!" Karkaroff's voice boomed over the loud clapping and chanting. Just as before, the goblet repeated its actions.

"The champion for Fleur Delacour!" Brier was silent as Fleur made her way past Dumbledore and through the door. Venus placed a reassuring hand on Brier's shoulder, who looked up at her, for she was slouching, with a somber expression. They vaguely heard Dumbledore call Cedric Diggory up, but they heard the silence that encompassed the hall.

"Harry Potter" 

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