Hannily Our Love


8. Why?

"Ali made me..." Hanna sighed and looked up at me "Your hands smell amazing!" I looked at her weird, then realized it was the lemon smell. I began to laugh, hearing her laughing right with me. I smiled, glad to here her laugh again. She sat up and grabbed the remote.

"Horror movie?" Hanna exclaimed with excitement. I gave her the *ummm...no* look. She smirked... and gave me the *ummm...Ya!* look.

"Fine...." I said as she clicked Lights Out, I smiled and she leaned on me.

It seem she was more scared then I am. Every jump scare, Hanna got closer to me. Grabbing the blanket on us to cover her face.

"Geez.. Hanna this isn't even scary"

I giggled and held her tight.

"Yes it is! People don't just walk out of TVs it's scary!" Hanna said, while hiding her face.

I noticed she fell asleep, I sighed and shut the tv off and went to sleep too.

Hanna's prospective

When I woke up, I remember I'm suppose to meet up with Caleb today at 3pm. It's 2:30pm, ugh!

I shook Emily to wake her up, I saw her eyes slowly open. I quickly started to tell her how I'm suppose to meet Caleb, and that I can't be late. She probably was very confused, but I got up anyways.

"Okay" she calmly whispered and stood up. I quickly changed, realizing that my shock marks were showing on my back from A.D., I quickly took a jean jacket from Emily, she won't even notice that I took it.

I hugged Emily and left, lucky her apartment is next to the Café. I walked to the Café quickly.

"Caleb..." I whispered, noticing I was about 20mins late. Caleb smiled at me and gestured me to sit next to him. I sat down and smiled.

"So... Did you find anything?" I quickly asked, and broke the silence.

"Yes, Elliot's real name is Archer Dunhill and he is still alive and moved to New York" Caleb said.

"Archer Dunhill is A.D.?"

I asked kinda excited that we actually might have found out who A is.

"I don't know, because Alison DiLaurentis, Archer Dunhill, they both have the same initials..."

Caleb said quietly.

"Yeah... But I don't know if Alison would do that..." I sighed, remembering what happened yesterday.

"Yeah..." Caleb said, slowly leaning towards me.

Spencer walked into the café and sat down next to Caleb, I stood up.

"I'm going to go.." I whispered bye and they said bye back as I walked out.

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