Hannily Our Love


4. Stop, Drop and Wait What?!?

The pool looked amazing, it had a huge waterfall and it went down to 12ft. Hanna kinda can't really swim, so she stays on the edge. I laid out, my blue towel, and walked towards the pool. Hanna laid her towel next to mine, and walked to the pool with me.

Alison & Aria walked to the diving board and jumped in. I saw Hanna look at the water in embarrassment. I walked into the pool from the shallow side with Hanna.

Hanna's prospective

I stopped at the 5ft, and Emily told me to keep going. I quickly got nervous. Aria and Alison were staring at me from the deep side.

Suddenly Alison yelled at me.

"Hey, can you touch the bottom on the deep side?" She smirked like the demon she is and laughed at me.

Emily sighed, and I looked at Emily.

"Yeah! Actually I can" I said as I was carefully swimming to the deep side.

"Hanna you don't have too..." Emily smiled. Alison got out of the pool, Aria followed.

"I'm going too!" I said confidently.

Emily doesn't understand this is my time to prove myself, that I am better then Alison.

Emily's prospective

Hanna's going to get herself killed.

She took a deep breath and put a thumbs up in the air to indicate that she was ready. I rolled my eyes and sighed. Hanna tried to swim down to the bottom fast, but she failed to do so. I noticed her flailing her arms underwater. Alison started laughing.

"She can't even go a inch below water without almost drowning"

Alison smirked. Aria looked scared, and very confused.

"Hanna!" I called out, and held my breath, quickly swimming to her, noticing she was drowning, As I carried her to the nearest corner of the pool, and laid her down on the ground. She was out, Alison looked at me and gave me her evil smile.

I immediately started CPR.

So cliché. After I was done doing the chest compressions, I did mouth to mouth. After 3-4 cycles, I saw her beautiful blue eyes and immediately threw my arms around her.

I heard Alison stomp her feet as she walked over to me. I looked up and saw a disappointed Alison. Not surprised I stood up and faced Alison.

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