Hannily Our Love


6. Her

"Look at her, have you noticed how desperate she is?" Alison pointed at Hanna who still hasn't managed to get up from the ground yet.

"Stop it! Just stop! Why are you being so mean to her she basically worships you and acts like your servant, why do you treat her this way? She is perfect!" I basically burst into flames after saying that and began to walk away.

"Did you hear what you just said?"

Alison said, stopping me from walking away from her. I turned around and glared at her coldly. "If you think she's so perfect! Why don't you just go out with her?"

I opened my mouth to argue, but sighed and just walked to Hanna.

Aria and Spencer were back into the pool, talking about Wren or

something like that.

The sky was pretty dark, and the moon was visible but faded. Some stars shown and Hanna was staring at them, relaxing.

"Hey" Hanna said very softly "what happened with you and Ali? I saw you two arguing through the glass door." I sat down next to Hanna.

"Oh, it's nothing"

"I heard you mention my name..."


"Well, what happened?"

"She got mad because, I rescued you from the pool, and gave you CPR"

"She hates my guts. I'm just useless girl, that murders cupcakes with my mouth." I heard Hanna's voice crack, as if she were going to cry.

"No you're not. You're beautiful inside and out, you always cheer me up when I'm down. You always make me smile no matter how sad I am. Without you, I honestly don't know where I am. Remember when I was supposed to move to Texas? You were the one who let me stay at your house until everything was okay. The only person, I can talk about everything to is you. So don't give a crap about everything she says that makes you feel bad, your a amazing person and without you, the world would be so different."

"Umm..uhh th-thanks" Hanna's voice still sounded like she was going to cry, but then she smiled.

"Come on, let's go to my apartment, I don't even want to talk to Alison right now." I pulled Hanna up from the ground and off we went to go to my apartment, when Aria and Spencer stayed at Spencer's and Alison had to be somewhere else, probably meeting up with some random guy, I know she's hiding something from us.

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