Hannily Our Love


3. Gorgeous

Emily's prospective

As Alison swung the door open, I jumped up. My heart was racing, that scared the crap out of me.

"Umm Change, we're going swimming!" Alison said, she was pissed. For the last couple of days we've been going to Spencer's house to swim, so our swim suits were already here.

Hanna ran upstairs and I followed, Aria and Spencer ran up stairs after us. Hanna went into the bathroom, I went in after her and locked the door.

"I'm actually excited about swimming" I smiled to make this less awkward.

"Yeah...but why is Alison so mad?"

I could hear fear in Hanna's voice, Alison hates Hanna.

We both changed as quickly as possible and tried to keep eye contact. Hanna changed into her cute bright blue bikini, I changed into my black lace bikini and tied it myself. Hanna turned around so her back was in front of me.

"Please tie this..." She giggled making my face go bright pink, I quickly tied it.

We walked out of the bathroom noticing everyone else already had there swimsuits on.

Alison glared at Hanna & I then walked out to Spencer's pool.

Hanna and Aria, and I walked out to the pool. Spencer stayed inside and made tea.

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