Hannily Our Love


1. Sour Love

Hanna's Prospective

Emily jogged up to the casher counter, and smiled at me making me slightly blush.

"Have you found anything about Elliot?" Emily asked me, I smiled back.

"Not really, Spencer found his burner phone and got a call from Jenna..."

I said while staring at Emily's eyes.

She blushed and giggled. I saw Talia walk to the front desk with Emily.

"Hey, everything okay?" Talia smiled.

My heart dropped, Talia grabbed Emily around the waist from behind and laughed.

Emily smiled, and stepped forward, Talia moved her hands. Talia walked back to the kitchen.

I stayed silent...

Emily's prospective

I blushed as I stared at Hanna's eyes. I sighed slightly then, looked down, breaking our eye contact.

"Is there anything else you found with Aria?" Hanna asked, I knew she's still fighting with Aria. I looked back up at Hanna.

"You and Aria shouldn't still be fighting...?" I asked as if it were a question.

"She came to my house, and told my mom that I was having a affair with like a 30 year old man!"

Hanna raised her voice.

"Hanna? I never knew that"

I said quietly, and yelled to the back.

"Talia, one second"

"You can go talk to Talia, if you need too" Hanna said quietly.

Hanna's prospective

My heart stopped as I spoke, I sighed. Talia and Emily are a thing... I need to except that. But I can't.

Talia walked back to Emily, and whispered very gently.

"Where's my kiss?" Talia giggled and leaned into Emily. They were about to kiss. Emily leaned out, and smiled.

"I'm going to go meet up with Spencer" I sighed and walked out.

They kissed as I left, my eyes teared up. I sighed and walked to my car.

Caleb called me but I didn't answer.

I inhaled and exhaled quickly then got into my car.

Emily jogged out of the café, and made eye contact with me before I got into my car. I left and drove to Spencer's house.

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