The letter

Halle Ashford is an abused, mistreated, scared, shy 11 year old girl that has an abusive mother and no other family. Her father left her when she was 3, and she has no siblings. She can change her appearance at will, which is Satin's work, according to her mother. Her bedroom is the cupboard under the sink, and she's only fed about once a day. Life couldn't get worse for her, until a letter arrives for her. What does it mean? Is she finally free? And what is Hogwarts?


4. So that's what a cauldron is

I walked into the small tavern, hiding behind Katie all the way.

"Hello, my dear. What will it be for you today?" The man at the front asked.

"Just one trip to Diagon Alley. Her first year." Katie said, ushering to me. I have a quick wave. "And sorry, I don't have a wand. Muggle. My sister on the other hand.... You may know her. Hermione Granger?" She asked.

"I do indeed. Follow me, miss Granger." The man said, leading us to the back door.

"Katie?" I asked.


"Who is Hermione? Why is she important?"

"I'll tell you the story later. For now, I have your school supplies."

"Alright." I sighed. The man tapped a brick wall with a cool looking stick thingy in some sort of pattern, and the wall suddenly began to open on it's on, the bricks coming apart to reveal a passage way.

"At this point, I'm not even surprised." I laughed.

"Well, that's good, kid. 'Cause there's gonna be a lot more of stuff like that. Now, onto shopping!" She cried, clapping her hands together.

"Fun! I've never been shopping! Let's go!" I yelled excitedly.

"No wonder you ran. Speaking of which after this we have to get that sorted out. I do believe my sister can help with that." She nodded.

"Alright." I moaned, not wanting to go over the subject.

"Let's see the list." Katie said, and I handed the letter to her.

"Neat, a lot of new stuff on here, but I do remember this." She said, pointing to one of the items. A wand. I thought. That is neat.

"Where would we get that?" I asked.

"Olivander's wand shop, of course. Sadly the man who sold my sister her wand past away, now it's in possession of his son. I wonder what he's done with the place." She thought aloud. We walked to a tall shop that read, 'Olivander's Wand Shop.'

"It's cute." I chirped, and we walked in.

"What can I do for you ladies today?" A younger looking man at the counter asked.

"Her first year at Hogwarts. Needs a wand, and a little birdie said you supply them." She joked. The man laughed.

"Well, you've certainly come to the right place. Come forward, miss. And we can try some wands that can will fit you well." I stepped forwards and he handed me a box. I opened the lid to see one fancy looking stick inside. I looked at Katie, who nodded, so I held it up. It shot out a spark of some weird red light, hitting the shelf and it bounced off of it, hitting a lamp. It shattered. I immediately Put it down.

"Try this one." The man said. I picked it up, and it flowed a nice, light gold. "Perfect." He said. "That will be 11 galleons and 15 sickles." He said.

"What?" I asked, confused.

"I got it kid." She said, and put down a heap of British money. "Muggles." She said, ushering to the both of us.

"Alright. I'll exchange it at Gringotts." He nodded, and pulled the money into a sack. It clanked to the bottom, and we headed out the door.

"One down, about twenty more to go."

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