The letter

Halle Ashford is an abused, mistreated, scared, shy 11 year old girl that has an abusive mother and no other family. Her father left her when she was 3, and she has no siblings. She can change her appearance at will, which is Satin's work, according to her mother. Her bedroom is the cupboard under the sink, and she's only fed about once a day. Life couldn't get worse for her, until a letter arrives for her. What does it mean? Is she finally free? And what is Hogwarts?


1. Crying is for whimps

I was sprinting home from school on the Friday i got the letter. I was already late, i didn't want my mother to think i had told anyone. I was really gonna get it. I had to be home at 3:30 sharp or earlier, and it was 3:31. My bus had been late, and that makes me late. I skidded around the corner, and jumped onto the steps. I quietly opened the door and shut it silently. 

"Eh-hem." My mother cleared her throat from the kitchen. 

"oh no." 

"oh yes. You're late Halle. Get in here.'' she instructed. I dropped my backpack and slowly moved towards her. she was holding the knife.

"No, no please! Mother please no!" I cried. 

'Get over here now." She ordered. I walked towards her and she forcefully grabbed my arm. 

"Please mother, it won't happen again!" I begged. 

"I know it won't. This is insurance." She whispered evilly. She thrust my sleeve up to reveal three previous scars. She put the knife on my arm, pressing down a bit.

"Scream and i slit your throat, got it?" 

"Yes mother." I whimpered. She pressed down harder and cut my arm. I chocked back a scream as blood trickled down it. 

"Now go clean up and do your homework. Don't get any blood on it and cause suspicion, got it?" She said.

"Yes mother." I simply said. That was really the only thing i said to her. i grabbed my backpack and began sobbing, the pain unbearable. Blood unceasingly trickled down it. I hated when she did this. The first time i got it i asked if i could invite a friend over when i was 9. The second i tried to run away when i was 10. the third was when i was late a few weeks ago. And now a new one. i washed it up, watered blood flowing down the sink. i wrapped up my cut with an old bandage from under the cabinet in the bathroom and tied it around my wound. The bleeding slowed and soon stopped, but now i had to clean the bathroom.

I was doing my homework on the kitchen when mother came storming in. 

"One, crying is for whims. Two, who have you been sending letters to?!" she screamed. 

"What? Letters?" I asked. "I have a letter?" 

"Yes, and you know what happens if you tell people about your home life." She said. 

"Crap." I whispered.

"Get over here girl. Now." My mother growled. I was done for. I hadn't lettered anyone, but my mother wouldn't here of it. I know she wouldn't. I sprinted past her, grabbing the letter, but not escaping in time to avoid her slitting my arm. I yelled out in pain as i clutched it, darting for the door. I flung it open and flew outside. My mother didn't dare follow me outside. Even she was smarter than that. I dashed down the deserted street, looking for a car or something to drive past so i could hail it down.


I waited a night, a day, two nights, two days, yet none came. I had almost forgotten i had the letter in my pocket. i pulled it out. It read,

Dear Miss Denton, 

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

yours sincerely, 

Minerva McGonigal. 

Deputy Headmistress

"Wow. Really?" I thought to myself. "No way. This must be some sort of joke. But then again.... I might be able to get this stuff in London, which is only an hours walk from here, i think. Maybe three... i can't remember, but i should probably get started." I told myself as i began walking down the road. Just then, after days and days or waiting and walking, i saw the front of a car slowly drive closer. I knew it wasn't my mothers, (she had a blue truck, this one was a silver mini-van) so i began to wave it down. It pulled over right in front of me, and a women with pale skin and brown hair in a bun stepped out of her car. 

"what are you doing in the middle of a basically abandon high way all by yourself?" She asked.

"It's a long story, but could you get me to London?" I asked.

"Sure, if you tell me why."

"Meeting family and getting school supplies." I lied about the first part, obviously. 

"Alright, hop in, but didn't your parents ever tell you not to talk to strangers?"  she asked suspiciously. 

"Um..." I didn't know how to answer that. 

"Uh huh. You're running, aren't you?" She questioned. "Don't worry, i did when i was younger, too." She informed me.

"How do i know you aren't lying?" I questioned. 

"I'm a complete stranger, how can you trust me? I understand. Go with your gut." She said. 

"Alright, but just to London. That's it." I said. she smiled softly. She looked about in her twenties. If she really was bad, I figured nothing could be worse then what mother did at home.

"Hop in." She said. i skipped over, and just then my stomach rumbled. I realized i hadn't eaten anything for days. 

''i have a sandwich in the car, you can have it." She said. i smiled. 

"Thank you, um, what's your name?" I asked. 

"Katie. And yours?" 


"Nice name. So London?" She asked.

"Yup. Do you know the school, Hogwarts?" I asked her. She probably didn't but....

"I do, actually. My sister went. How did you...?"

"I just got the letter." I said. 

"Hm, i know where to take you. What blood status are you?" She asked.

"Blood status-?" I asked.

"Muggle-born, then. Never mind. Hope you're comfy, this is gonna be a long ride. The sandwich is in the glove compartment. Hope you like mayo." She laughed. I didn't, but beggars couldn't be choosers. I munched it happily, thanking the Lord for food. It was pretty good aside from he the mayo. When we finally got there is was 5:00 pm. The road was bumpy but i din't care. it beat walking. She pulled up in front of some old tavern, and we hopped out. 

"Where are we?" I asked, confused. 

"You'll see." She said. I sighed. We walked in, and it still looked like an old tavern. the sign read 'The Leaky Cauldron'. what is a cauldron? 

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