Blood Rain

A eighteen year old boy named Daiki Hajime has a sealing of a powerful shimigami that is known as the Iyachi, and he is a Shimijutsist that has abilities that can't be defined. He meets Kizzy Deilon who is the strongest Shimijutsist and she gets roomed with him and she becomes close friends with him. They want to become the greatest Shimijutsist.


1. The Undefined

 There is a small city called Yomiyami City, and once a long time ago the city was overruled with powerful demons known as shimigami. Back then it was only a village. The residents of the village decided to overthrow the shimigami, which led to war. The shimigami knew a rare and ancient martial art known as Shimijutsu. It is mostly used in katanas and other weapons like axes and maces. The shimigami easily defeated the humans, so they conqueror the village. Some of the other residents that weren't involved in the war reasoned with the shimgami to live as one nation. The shimigami agreed to the demands of the residents. The humans and the shimigami both lived in peace, and so the shimgami taught the humans Shimijutsu and they mastered the art. The shimigami and the humans built a city and they called it Yomiyami. A few centries later the human's king began to get horribly sick, and so the humans blamed the shimigami that they had poisoned their king, so they once more went to war. This time it was an equal battle. The shimigami had a king named Ryuko. He was the shimigami who made the Shimijutsu and he mastered all its perks. One human named Tsuno Hajime, was close friends with the shimigami, and he too knew all the perks of the Shimijutsu. The war waged for days and even weeks, the battle seemed to never end. Each side kept getting stronger and the more blood was spilled. The humans started to get creative with the art and made it into different types of martial arts. They made element martial arts with the Shimijutsu. They had earth, fire, water, and wind type arts combined with the Shimjutsu. The named their martial art Elemental Shimijutsu. They defeated the Shimigami in battle. Tsuno knew that Ryuko was still alive, and that he would try and kill the humans. A few months later Ryuko became more powerful by unleashing his demon soul Iyachi. Iyachi is known as a demon fox. He began to slaughter each of the residents. Tsuno got ready to fight the powerful demon, and he wasn't strong enough to kill it. He finally used a sealing art and he sealed it within the heart of his child, known as Daiki Hajime. Tsuno died after the sealing was done. The residents didn't see what exactly happened so they said that Tsuno sacrificed himself to save the city. They found Tsuno holding his child in his arms. They took Daiki from his dead father and gave him to foster parents. Now Daiki is eighteen and he is attending a school to sharpen his Elemental Shimijutsu. 


 Daiki is walking down the street and he holds his katana known as Injutsu. It was given to him as a kid and he trained with it ever since. His parents don't know what the symbol on his chest is, and they even had it checked but they can't seem to even find out what it is. The parents decided it must have been a birth mark, and so they left it alone. Daiki watches as the birds fly by and they land on a tree branch. Daiki smiles as the birds chirp and sing. He gets to the school and he enters the building. A lot of students attend the school and most of them are strong as hell. Daiki isn't the strongest Elemental Shimijutsist. In fact he is called the undefind because the ability charts can't read his skills. The strongest male is Kushuno Akatasu. He mostly mocks everyone else because he is the best male Elemental Shimijutsist. The strongest Shimijutsist is Kizzy Deilon. She practices her Elemental Shimijutsu everyday, and every hour. She wants to become the strongest so she can defend the city if any of the shimigami try to take it over again. They are team based fights also, but it is one on one fights, best out of three. The single fights are just one round. The school has a strict rule. No fighting on school premises and if you do you will be expelled. Many students don't fight only in rank defend matches or rank attack matches. The trouble makers fight off of the school property and they do unfair matches such as one on three. They usually kill the student or critically injure the person. Daiki walks with the crowd of students. He firmly holds his katana. He walks to his room and he opens the door. He sits the katana on the bed and he gets dressed into his school cloths. He puts on the blue jacket and blue pants. He has white sneakers on also. He has a black under shirt on. He grabs his katana. He notices movement in his bathroom. He stops from going to the door, and he walks to the bathroom door. He sets his hand on the door knob and slightly turns it. He opens it and Kizzy Deilon is taking a shower in his bathroom. Daiki nosebleeds. Kizzy looks over at Dainki holding his nose and she covers her female parts. 

 "Wh-what the hell?! PERV!!!" Kizzy says. Daiki shuts the door. Daiki and Kizzy are in the office and Daiki is holding his nose. Kizzy is sitting on the chair in front of the administrator's desk. She sighs at the embarrassing incident. 

 "Now Kizzy what exactly happened?" The administrator says. Kizzy stands up.

 "This freak decided to walk in on me taking a shower! He should be suspended!" Kizzy says, and then she crosses her arms again and glares at Daiki. The administrator nods and she looks at Daiki who is holding a paper towel at his nose. 

 "Now what happened from your point of view Daiki?" Daiki moves the paper towel from his nose. 

 "I walked into my room, changed my cloths into the school uniform, and then I heard the shower, and so I was curious and then I found her in my bathroom." Daiki says. Kizzy turns her head away from Daiki. 

"So it was an accident, Daiki didn't know who was in his room so therefore no punishment." The administrator says and then she smiles. Her blonde pony tail moves as she turns her head toward Kizzy. Kizzy clenches her fists and glares at Daiki. 

"There is no way he can't go unpunished! If you don't punish him I will." Kizzy says. She points at Daiki. "I challenge you to a one on one battle in the arena this afternoon! So be ready for your beat down!" Kizzy says. She walks to the door. 

 "Uh, Kizzy he didn't accept to the fight you know." The administrator says. She smiles again. Kizzy turns around. Daiki gets up and turns toward Kizzy. 

 "I accept." Daiki says. 

 "Well then its settled. Kizzy Deilon versus Daiki Hajime." The administrator says with a smile.


 The afternoon comes and Daiki and Kizzy are already at the arena with the whole school watching them. 

 "Kizzy versus The Undefined?" A student asks. Some students mumbles are heard, but everyone stays quiet as the administrator gets the battle ready. She walks out of the arena and she watches the fight. 

 "You must be really dumb to think you can win against me." Kizzy says. 

 "You don't know what i'm capable of, so its more like you don't know what you're up against." Daiki says. He pulls out his katana from the holder and the purple blade shines in the light from the arena. Kizzy pulls her's out and the red blade has black flame marks on it symbolizing her Flame Shimijutsu. Her blonde hair is pulled back in a pony tail and her blue uniform jacket shines in the light. Her skirt is white and it moves with the wind. She gets into her stance, and Daiki gets into his. He holds the sword with it pointing down. He spread his legs. The robot girl voice says go and Kizzy rushes to Daiki and she swings her blade into Daiki's and sparks of fire comes out. She keeps attacking Daiki and he keeps blocking. Kizzy gets frustrated and she tries to stab him but Daiki turns the flat blade toward the point of her katana and it hits the blade and she tries to force it through the defense stance, of Daiki's but he forces her to step back. Daiki bends down and he swings the katana upward and Kizzy dodges it. Kizzy slides on her feet and she holds her sword up. 

 "I need to stop playing around. I need to show him Infernojutsu is a powerful Shimijutsu and he shouldn't mess with me!" Kizzy thought. 

 "This girl knows Infernojutsu, but i'll show her Injutsu is just as powerful!" Daiki thought. He and Kizzy clash katanas and they keep hitting each others katanas again and again. Kizzy tries to trick Daiki, but he capitalizes her trick and he knees her in the nose. The battle simulator they are doing is called "Fake Battle" it is basically a no real damage based fight. Kizzy steps back. Daiki uses this chance to attack her. He stabs her and then her body goes into flames and Daiki notices that she is behind her. He closes his eyes and taps into his spiritual vision. He can see things that no one else can. It was the power the Iyachi had. He can see all his surroundings and even see what attack his opponent is going to try. Kizzy grips her blade as she gets closer to Daiki. He opens his eyes and he quickly spins around and he pushes his katana in Kizzy's stomach. The winner of the battle has been decided. Daiki Hajime. The administrator smirks. 

 "You don't underestimate the undefined." The administrator says to herself. One of the girls in the crowd smiles. Her name is Yui Shikimaru. She has black hair and is wearing the same uniform as the girls. Her eyes are pink. Half her hair covers one eye. 

 "Wow this undefined guy is really tough." Yui says. She walks out of the arena like everyone else. Kizzy stands on the battlefield with her head hung low. Her hard determination wasn't enough to beat the undefined. Her sword's flames extinguish. Daiki puts his sword back into the holder and he begins to walk off the battlefield. The administrator walks to Kizzy.

 "I don't understand. I should have won." Kizzy says still with her head low. 

 "Daiki isn't a normal person you can trick with just that move. Infernojutsu is a really tough Shimijutsu to control and even harder to master, but Daiki's Shimijutsu isn't like anything we've seen. Tats why we don't call him our strongest, and just put him as a weak link." The administrator says. Kizzy looks at her. 

 "He countered my infernojutsu." Kizzy says. "No one has ever done that."

 "You do know that Daiki's father is Tsuno Hajime right?" The administrator asks. Kizzy is shocked. 

 "You mean the person who sacrificed himself to save the city? That explains why Daiki is so strong!" Kizzy says. She looks at Daiki who is already at the door. She clips her katana to her belt on her skirt and runs to Daiki. "Daiki wait up!" Kizzy yells after him. Daiki turns around and sees Kizzy coming up to him. She stops. "I wanted you to know that during our battle I realized that you are powerful and I should have been more careful of which room I go into to take a shower." Kizzy says she smiles.

 "Oh its nothing to worry about." Daiki says she smiles and holds his katana with the crease of his elbow.

 "But still you saw me naked and thats not going to happen again!" Kizzy says she crosses her arms. 

 "Oh you better get use to it. Its going to happen alot more than you think." The administrator says. Kizzy and Daiki's complexion goes to pale. "You two are now roommates!" The administrator smiles. 



 It is now night and Daiki is laying on his bed and Kizzy is laying on her's and she looks out the window. Kizzy has on a blue shirt that covers her panties. Daiki is wearing a black shirt and black sweatpants. 

 "She must have set it up for us to be roommates." Kizzy says. 

 "Yeah I guess it is." Daiki says. He looks at the ceiling and Kizzy lays on her stomach with her elbows keeping her up. 

 "So how did you learn Shimijutsu? Or whatever your Elemental Shmijutsu is called." Kizzy says. She looks at Daiki. 

 "Its called Eagle Vision. But people called it Spiritual Vision." Daiki says. "I can see what no other person can see. I can see what my opponent's next move is and also initialize which attack can counter best to their attack." Kizzy looks at Daiki with interest. 

 "So how did you learn it?" Kizzy asks with her finger on her lip.   

 "To be honest I think I didn't learn it. It seems to always have been with me since birth or something." Daiki says. "And this thing." Daiki pulls up his shirt revealing a symbol with a bracket and a Japanese word and another one below it. She gets out of bed and goes over to his bed to get a closer look. 

 "Hmmm, it says something in another language than ours." Kizzy says. She walks back to her bed and she gets in it and she puts the covers on her.

 "The doctors my parents had me go to didn't know what it was or what it meant, so they decided it was a birth mark." Daiki says. He pulls his shirt down and lays down. 

 "Well whatever it is I hope it isn't serious." Kizzy says. She rolls over. "Goodnight Daiki."

 "Goodnight Kizzy." Daiki says. He rolls over and he falls asleep.

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