Blood Rain

A eighteen year old boy named Daiki Hajime has a sealing of a powerful shimigami that is known as the Iyachi, and he is a Shimijutsist that has abilities that can't be defined. He meets Kizzy Deilon who is the strongest Shimijutsist and she gets roomed with him and she becomes close friends with him. They want to become the greatest Shimijutsist.


2. The Undefined II


 Daiki and Kizzy are sitting at a table outside of a fast food restaurant. Kizzy has her hair down and she is wearing a blue dress. Daiki is wearing a black hoodie and dark blue jeans. He is eating a cheese burger and Kizzy is eating a salad because she said her mother told her she should go on a diet, and she followed her mother's advice. Daiki gets through eating and he gets up and walks toward the school. Kizzy looks up and sees him leave. 

 "Hey you have to pay for the food you know!" Kizzy yells as she continues to eat. Daiki looks back. 

 "I just thought you come pay. Your family is rich right? So you'd be able to pay." Daiki smiles and Kizzy gets angry and flames come off her. 

 "Wh-what?! I didn't say I was hungry now did I?" Kizzy says. She crosses her arms. Daiki smiles again. 

 "You think I'd pay for food? I can't even pay attention." Daiki says. He giggles, and Kizzy glares at him.

 "What's that suppose to mean?!" Kizzy clenches her fist. Daiki keeps giggling. Kizzy gets irritated so she throws her bowl of salad at Daiki. It hits him in the face and the dressing covers his face. Kizzy starts laughing. Daiki looks dumbfounded and he takes off the bowl and shakes his head to get all the dressing out of his hair. 

 "How immature." Daiki says. He walks to the table and sits down on the chair. Kizzy looks at him. 

 "Immature? You're the one not paying for food!" Kizzy says. 

 "You really think i'm not paying?" Daiki says. He puts his head on the table and looks inside the restaurant and he sees Kushuno Akatsu. Kushuno is flirting with the girls. He has blonde hair that goes down to his eyelashes. He is wearing a black tightly fit shirt that shows his average muscular body. His eyes are sky blue. He is wearing sweat pants. He has his sword prompt on his shoulder. It is a white blade with a white handle. The holder is also white with a black symbol of wind. Daiki sighs. Kizzy looks at Daiki with concern. 

 "Whats wrong Daiki?" Kizzy asks. She looks at what his eyes are locked on, and she also sees Kushuno. 

 "Its Kushuno Akatsu. That cocky bastard." Daiki says. He rolls his eyes. 

 "Well his abilities in battle are pretty good. His sword is called Airjutsu. It unleashes very powerful and very sharp wind slashes, that can cut through almost anything. I admire his abilities, but he is always busy flirting with girls." Kizzy says. She rolls her eyes. "He even picked on my skills which I showed him who was boss, and busted his nose." Kizzy seems proud of what she did in the past to Kushuno. Daiki keeps remembering how Kushuno fought him in the finals last year. Kushuno basically destroyed Daiki. Daiki was left holding his stomach to keep his intestines in. Blood was all over the arena. Kushuno's blood didn't even drop on the floor. Everyone shunned Daiki for even fighting Kushuno, and Daiki's rank dropped dramatically. Kushuno claims to be the best Shimijutist at the school, but Kizzy Deilon is actually the strongest. Daiki is considered to be rank fifty. The lowest are the unranked. Their skills aren't good enough to compete with the ranked Shimijutist. The only way to rank attack the rank above you is to openly challenge them. You can challenge ranks that are higher than you. If you win the battle you will bump up more than you normally would. Daiki gets up and he walks inside the restaurant. Kizzy follows him.


 "Maybe we'll meet at my place, and we can Netflix and chill tonight." Kushuno says to one of the girls. She has pink hair long hair that is in a pony tail. She is wearing skimpy cloths. Half her breast are showing and her shorts show a bit of her butt. She looks at Daiki standing in front of Kushuno and Kizzy is standing beside him. Kushuno looks up and his quite surprised to see Daiki. "Oh, its The Undefined loser!" Kushuno says chuckling. The girl that is with him smiles. 

 "Call me whatever you want, but i'm here to challenge you to a battle right now." Daiki says. Kizzy is shocked and she nervously looks at Daiki. Kushuno smirks. 

 "I thought the last time we fought I gutted your ass open. I guess this time i'll cut you heart out." Kushuno says. He grabs his sword. The girl gets off his lap and she walks away. Kushuno stands up and he is two inches taller than Daiki. Kizzy grabs Daiki's arm and walks away from Kushuno. Kizzy looks at Daiki with a concern look. 

 "I wouldn't fight Kushuno with the street rules. He'll kill you. I don't know if you know this, but after our battle I decided I wanted to be partners with you and I wanted to form a team so we can do Team Battles." Kizzy says. She grabs the strings of his hoodie. Daiki looks at Kizzy. She is the same size as him. 

 "Don't worry Kizzy, I won't lose." Daiki says. He smiles. "I have a plan this time." Kizzy looks confused. 

 "A plan?" Kizzy asks in confusion. Daiki nods. Kushuno walks out of the restaurant and he waits for Daiki to come outside as well. Daiki soon walks outside and he stands in the street. The cars take another direction and the people go inside nearby buildings to watch this Shimijutsu showdown. Kizzy watches from a safe distance. 

 "You ready to be gutted like a fish?" Kushuno says. He takes out his blade and the sun shines on the edges. 

 "I'm ready, but are you?" Daiki says. He pulls out his purple blade and the sun shines across it like Kushuno's katana. He stands with his katana pointing down and then he spreads his legs. Kushuno stands with his katana pointing toward Daiki and then holds it to the side with both hands. They both say go, and they rush at each other. Daiki points his katana toward his opponent. Kushuno points it toward the ground, in the form for an uppercut. Daiki knows the form well, and he goes along with his motions. Kushuno smirks as they get close to each other. Daiki raises his katana up and Kushuno steps to the side and Daiki's eyes grow wide. Daiki moves out of the way and the katana's blade slices his hoodie. Kizzy grasps her heart and sighs in relief. 

 "I'm glad he didn't get cut." Kizzy says. She watches the battle. Daiki holds his side and a little bit of blood stains his shirt. 

 "Dammit the wind from his katana cut me." Daiki says to himself. Kushuno smirks again. 

 "You were lucky. If you didn't dodge it, the cut would have been worse on you." Kushuno says. He swings his katana to the side and he then points it at Daiki with one hand. "This time I won't fail to miss." Kushuno runs with the katana pointing to the side of him with one hand. Daiki knows he is about to use the wind slash in the attack. Kushuno gets close to Daiki and he steps to the side again. Daiki ducks and he jumps backwards. Kushuno swings the katana to his left and a wind slash appears. Daiki's body is right on the path of the slash. Daiki dashes to the side and it misses him. Kushuno sends another one. Daiki didn't see it coming and he dodges to late. It cuts his shoulder and blood runs down his left arm. Daiki holds his shoulder and he winces at his own pain. Kushuno smiles. "See what did I tell you. I won't miss the next few times either." Kashune holds the blade in front of him with two hands and it points upwards. He quickly makes slashes it the air and the he holds the katana backwards. He shouts out and the slashes become visible and the spread out and go toward Daiki with a fast pace. Daiki holds his katana with both hands. The pain in his left shoulder grows more painful when he moves it. He has one eye tightly closed to ease the pain. Daiki moves out of the way, but one slash hits his thigh and he groans in pain. He loses his footing on the ground and he trips and tumbles on the ground. He rolls onto his stomach. Kizzy covers her mouth. 

 "Daiki!" Kizzy yells. Daiki gets up and grabs his katana. He stabs it into the ground and pulls himself up. He takes it out of the ground and holds it straight up with both hands. The blood runs down his right leg. The cut is at least fives inches in length, and one inch deep. Daiki's shakes a little and he tries to keep his balance. 

 "This isn't even going to make my rank higher. You worthless piece of shit!" Kushuno shouts at Daiki. Daiki closes his eyes. Kizzy holds her hands together. Daiki opens his eyes and he taps into what he called Eagle Vision. Kushuno holds his katana towards Daiki. He runs toward him. "Now to finish you off!" Daiki stands his ground and holds his blade beside him with it pointing down. Kizzy gets frantic and covers her mouth, worried that Kushuno will land the killing blow. Daiki leads his katana to the side and bends down. Kushuno gets closer and he swings his katana to the side making another wind slash. Daiki stays where he is. The wind slash comes closer to Daiki. 

 "Daiki what the hell are you doing?! Get outta the way!" Kizzy yells at Daiki. Daiki does move. The slash comes closer and closer. 

 "You better move Daiki! Or you will be cut in half!" Kushuno says. Daiki waits for the wind slash to reach him and he slices through the wind slash and it disappears. Daiki smirks. Kizzy cheers and everyone is shocked. Daiki had cut through the wind slash something no one else could do. "Wh-what?! Impossible!" Kushuno says in shock. Kushuno gets angry and he does the same trick as before with the wind slashes coming to Daiki at a high speed. Daiki quickly moves out of the way and runs at Kushuno. He aims his katana toward Kushuno's chest. 

 "Don't called me a weak link! My abilities can go further than what you'd expect! I am the one who will defeat you! I am Daiki Hajime! The son of Tsuno Hajime! I will become the worlds strongest! Believe that!" Daiki says. He runs faster and Kushuno makes another wind slash and it comes at Daiki, and Daiki once again cuts through it. He swings his blade toward Kushuno's neck and Kushuno closes his eyes. Daiki tricks Kushuno and slices Kushuno's stomach open. Kushuno falls on the ground jaw dropped. The blood runs down the gash and Daiki slings the blood off his katana and he puts it back into his holder. "I have won this battle." Daiki says seriously. His eyes turn back into the normal purple eye color. Kizzy gets excited and runs toward Daiki. Daiki looks at Kizzy running to him. He smiles and she throws herself into his arm and hugs him tightly. 

 "You won! I actually won!" Kizzy says excited. She keeps hugging him and he smiles again. 

 "You do know you're hugging me right?" Daiki says smiling. Kizzy's eyes widen. She quickly lets go and gets serious.

"Ehm, congratulations you won that battle." Kizzy says. She crosses her arms. "That still doesn't mean you have what it takes to fight against me in a real battle." Daiki closes his eyes and all his strength leaves him and he faints. Kizzy freaks out. 


 It is dusk and Daiki wakes up in his room at the school. The bathroom door is shut and light is coming from under it. Daiki sits up and notices he has bandages on his shoulder, and his thigh where the wind slashes had cut him. The door opens and Kizzy comes out and she is naked. Daiki saw her and she closes it back. 

 "You perv! You was suppose to be sleeping and recovering!" Kizzy says from the other side of the door. 

 "Why were you coming out without a towel wrapped around yourself?!" Daiki asks. 

 "I thought you was still asleep, you perv!" Kizzy says. She comes back out with a towel wrapped around her body. Daiki still looks away. She walks to her wardrobe and picks out some cloths. She picks out a white shirt that has some words on it and some sweatpants. She lays them on her bed and she looks behind her and Daiki still has his eyes closed. She unwraps the towel and she puts on the cloths. She tells Daiki he can open his eyes now. He does and Kizzy is sitting on his bed. "It turns out that most of the students are getting roomed together. They are doing battles and rooming each student with someone who is or almost as equal to them. That's why we got roomed together." Kizzy says. She smiles. Daiki looks out the window and sees the buildings and the sunset. "Daiki." Daiki looks at her and she is blushing. 

 "What is it?" Daiki asks. She looks down. 

 "I wanted to know if you wanted to become my partner. We could do missions and also compete in team battles." Kizzy says. "I know you might want to be on your own since basically no one can match your skills and abilities. But-" 

 "Sure, I want you to be my partner." Daiki says. He smiles and tilts his head a little. Kizzy smiles happily.

 "Now we just have to get it confirmed!" Kizzy says. She rocks the bed when she puts her fist in the air. A student that was walking by heard the rocking of a bed. He looks at the door and sees Hajime/Deilon. 

 "Ehm, Hajime is really giving it to her." The student says. He begins to walk down the hall to his room. Kizzy looks forward to the next day. Kizzy gets off his lap and she walks to the door. 

 "I'll get something to eat for us okay?" Kizzy says. She smiles and she opens the door and walks out. Daiki looks at the window and he thinks about what new things will await him in this change in his life. 


 A dark and a tall man-like thing is sitting in a throne. The place is surrounded by death and decay. His eyes open and his servant bows down. 

 "Master we have word that some of our shimigami warriors have sighted the young boy that has the Iyachi inside him." The servant says. The skeleton man smirks. 

 "Send the Shimgami Hounds to take care of him." The Shimgami says. His head can be seen. It is white with a crack going down his eye. His hair is long and black. His eyes are yellow and his teeth are nothing but razors. "And when they bring him back. We shall rip out his heart and awaken the Iyachi known as Ryuko. His smirk widens. 

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