Blood Rain

A eighteen year old boy named Daiki Hajime has a sealing of a powerful shimigami that is known as the Iyachi, and he is a Shimijutsist that has abilities that can't be defined. He meets Kizzy Deilon who is the strongest Shimijutsist and she gets roomed with him and she becomes close friends with him. They want to become the greatest Shimijutsist.


4. The Exam

 It has already been one week, and Daiki, and Kizzy have been winning team battles left and right. They are number forty-three. The exams are today. These aren't ordinary exams. Schools from all around the country come and fight in one stadium. They have one-on-one battles, Team Battles, and Street Rules type of battles. The schools choose ten individual members, five teams, and three street brawlers. Which ever school has the most points by the end of the week wins. Daiki and Kizzy both are in the arena sitting in the stands. The entire school is in the arena waiting to be called. 

 "As you all know, the school exams are coming up, so we better be prepared. Our first ten student members will be our top ten rankings." The administrator says. She stands in the middle of the battlefield with a mic. Most of the people agonize because they wasn't picked. The top ten people walk down to the battlefield and stand in a line. Kushuno is now number one, and he is showing off. 

 "Does that guy even know that if anyone in this school tells the administrator he lost to you, that his rank will drop dramatically?" Kizzy asks Daiki. She has her hair down as usual. She is wearing a white button up short sleeved shirt with a green vest. She has on a black skirt. She has high socks that go pass her skirt level, and she is wearing black heels. Daiki is wearing a red zip-up jacket. He is wearing black sweatpants and white sneakers. His katana is leaning on his shoulder. 

 "I don't even think he knows what happened." Daiki says. Kizzy giggles. 

 "I don't either." Kizzy says giggling. Daiki looks at her, and he smiles. 

 "I didn't know you had such a cute giggle." Daiki says smiling. Kizzy's eyes widen and she turns her head. 

 "I didn't giggle, i-it just came out wrong." Kizzy says seriously. Daiki laughs. 

 "I like ya when you act serious." Daiki says. He turns his attention to the administrator. Kizzy blushes. 

 "He likes me." Kizzy thought as she nervously looks at Daiki. 

 "Now our team members will be announced. Our first four team rankings come on down." The administrator says. The four teams come down and the team partners stand beside each other. "And now our last team members will be Kizzy Deilon and Daiki Hajime." The crowd lights up as Kizzy's name is mentioned. Kizzy gets up and she offers a hand to Daiki. He grabs her hand, and she blushes. She pulls him up. She entangles her hand into his. Daiki looks in confusion at their hands together, but he just goes along with it. Kizzy blushes again. They walk to the battleground holding hands. The administrator confusingly looks at Daiki. He shakes his head, because even he doesn't know why Kizzy suddenly held his hand. Kizzy gets close by Daiki as they stand together. 

 "Why are we holding hands?" Daiki says to Kizzy. She looks at Daiki and she tilts her head in confusion. 

 "You said you lik-" Kizzy stops her sentence, because she just remembered the rest of the sentence. "Nevermind I forgot I held your hand." Kizzy says. She snatches her hand away from Daiki's and crosses her arms. She has that serious look about her. 

 "I was just wondering, but it was fine. The entire school knows that the opposite gender in a team should hold hands while entering the battlegrounds." Daiki says. Kizzy covers her mouth and blushes more. 

 "R-really?! I-I totally knew that!" Kizzy says lying. Her mind ponders on how many arenas they will enter in the future and how many times they will hold hands. "I-I can't hold his hand every single time we enter an arena, what if my mom finds out! Or even worse my grandparents!" Kizzy thought. The administrator finishes calling the street brawlers and she ends the announcement. 


 A few hours later the school's members are at the stadium where the exams are held. Kizzy looks at Daiki as they get off the train. She bumps her arm into his and she offers to hold his hand. He smiles. He holds her hand and she blushes. They walk into the entrance of the arena, and see all the other school's members. They are getting checked in for each battle. Kizzy gets closer to Daiki. Daiki and Kizzy walk to the team check in line. Kizzy keeps hold of his hand. 

 "Hey Daiki!" A familiar voice says. Daiki turns around and sees that it is Yui. She has on somewhat of a maid outfit. She has the headband in her hair, and she smiles cutely at Daiki. She is a little shorter than him. 

 "You're Yui Shikimaru right?" Daiki asks. Yui nods. Kizzy looks at Yui, and she gets defensive. 

 "I came along with the visitors pass from our school. I just wanted to meet you. I was to shy to come and talk to you in the past." Yui says. Daiki smiles. 

 "Its alright, I get shy sometimes too." Daiki says. Kizzy looks at Daiki and she blushes. 

 "Daiki getting shy? I wonder if he looks even cuter?" Kizzy thought. Yui looks at Kizzy blushing. She smiles. 

 "Are you two dating?" Yui asks pointing at their entangled hands. Daiki smiles, and Kizzy blushes more, but tries to act like she isn't. 

 "No, we're a team, and you know how the opposite gender are suppose to hold hands, if they are a team." Daiki says. Yui nods. 

 "Y-yeah." Kizzy says stuttering. Yui smiles. 

 "Well I thought you two were." Yui says. She looks at Daiki, and she slightly blushes. Kizzy see that Yui is blushing, and she bites her lip in anger. "Can we go ou-" Kizzy forces her teeth to sink in her lip and blood runs down it. She holds her mouth, and quickly taps Daiki's shoulder. He turns his head toward Kizzy. 

 "You bit your lip. I'll get you something." Daiki says. He lets go of Kizzy's hand and walks to the bathroom. Kizzy looks back at Yui, and grins. Yui is disappointed.

 "That was so childish." Yui says. She walks away. Kizzy smiles. 


 A few moments later Daiki and Kizzy are standing in the line of their school. Kizzy is holding Daiki's hand. Daiki holds his katana in the other hand. The announcer announces both the schools teams and rankings. Then he goes on to announce the battles. Kizzy looks over at Daiki. She notices how nervous he looks and she moves closer to him. She rests her head on his shoulder and she still looks at him. She notices that some of the nervousness has went down from his facial expression. Daiki looks at Kizzy. 

 "I'm sure you've been in many of these haven't you?" Daiki asks. Kizzy nods. 

 "Plenty. This is my first Team Battle, and to be honest i'm a bit nervous." Kizzy says. Daiki looks at the announcer.

 ""I know how you feel. I'm nervous too." Daiki says. The announcer gets through announcing the fights and battles. He wishes both schools the best of luck. 


While the independent battles are starting Daiki and Kizzy wait in their waiting room. Daiki is practicing in the room while Kizzy is studying the other team's information. She notices that one of the team member is a girl, and the other is a boy. The boy's name is Ryu Tategame. He has light brown hair that is just above his eyes. His eyes are green. He usually wears a black leather jacket with a grey muscle shirt under it. The pants her wears with that are blue jeans, and he wears black boots. The girl's name is Laika Sakura. She has pink hair and pink eyes. She normally wears a maid outfit. Ryu's Shimijutsu is rain. He can make his opponent unable to see, if he makes the rain heavy. He can also make sharp slashes of water. The girl's Shimijutsu is Mind Control. She can make the opponent see things that aren't there. They have a unimaginable record. They haven't lost a single battle this year. Kizzy hasn't either, and Daiki has lost a few. Kizzy looks at Daiki, and she closes the laptop. 

 "Our opponents are going to be hard. They haven't lost a fight this year." Kizzy says. Daiki puts his katana in the holder. He looks at Kizzy and he slightly smiles. 

 "Well at least we know that we are going to have tough opponents.It doesn't matter how much you win." Daiki says. "Strength, and abilities matter." He smiles and then he sits down on the bed beside Kizzy.

 "I know. I haven't lost a battle either, but haven't you seen their battles? They completely destroy their opponent. Laika's mind trick thing made a girl tear her on eyes out, and then Laika won without even moving her legs. You opponent ripped I guy to shreds with the razor sharp water. Daiki these opponents arn't just regular people. They will kill you." Kizzy says. She puts her hands on Daiki's lap. "I don't want that to happen to either of us." She looks into Daiki's eyes.

 "I don't either, but it can happen like you said." Daiki says. He smiles at her. "I think we'll get the win." He puts one hand on her cheek, and she slightly blushes. Kizzy thought this was going to be the moment she's been waiting for. The door opens and Yui walks into the room. 

 "Daiki, I wanted to tell you something before you had to tend to Kizzy." Yui says. Daiki looks at Yui and he smiles. He puts his hand down. 

 "Okay what is it?" Daiki says. 

 "I wanted to know if you could take me out somewhere. Like a date." Yui says. Daiki smiles and Kizzy's heart felt dead. 

 "Sure, i'd like to do that sometime." Daiki says. Kizzy turns her head away from Daiki. She feels completely useless. 

 "Great how about tomorrow?" Yui says. 

 "After my battle sure." Daiki says. Kizzy looks at them. 

 "What about my battle?! Daiki you should stay and watch mine! Its not right to be a team, and don't even watch your partner's battle! How in the fuck is that suppose to work?!" Kizzy says angrily. She gets up and glares at Daiki. He looks confused. 

 "Kizzy your battle is before mine tomorrow. My battle starts after yours. But today it starts before yours." Daiki says. She smiles. "I'll be watching you battle though." Kizzy's face turns a bright red in embarrassment. 

 "Well still! You should keep that promise." Kizzy says. She sits down on the bed and crosses her arms. Yui rolls her eyes. 

 "We'll go after your battle, and we'll meet at the entrance of the stadium." Yui says, and she smiles. Daiki nods. Kizzy looks at them. 

 "Daiki, can I go with you two? Just in case something happens?" Kizzy asks. Yui looks dumbfounded. Daiki gives her a confusingly smile. 

 "Its a date blondie." Yui says. Daiki nods. 

 "A date is between two people, a third party can't join." Daiki says. Kizzy lowers her head and her hair covers her eyes. 

 "Alright. Whatever." Kizzy says depressingly. She gets up, takes her katana, and walks out of the door. tears begin to form in her eyes. She wipes them away. "I can't believe I tried, just to watch him slip away." She stops and he puts her hand on the wall. "Love isn't anything like it use to be." She notices a man leaning on the hallway wall. She looks up at the man and it is Ryu Tategami. 

 "Seems you are having personal love issues." Ryu says. He walks toward her. She looks away. 

 "Its none of your business." Kizzy says. Ryu smirks. 

 "As I can tell, it is mine cutie." Ryu says. He puts his finger under her chin. 

 "Don't call me cutie." Kizzy says. Ryu laughs. 

 "I'm only here for one thing, and one thing only. I'm offering you to lose your battle with Laika, and I won't kill Daiki." Ryu says. Kizzy's heart beats fast. 

 "Is he serious? He can't kill Daiki, the rule book says so." Kizzy thought. She looks at Ryu with a glare. "You can't kill someone in a Team Battle." Kizzy says. "You're just messing with me." Kizzy crosses her arms. Ryu smirks devilishly.

 "His wounds will." Ryu whispers in her ear. He smirks, and Kizzy's heart races. He walks away.

 "H-he can't! That's murder!" Kizzy thought. She looks back. "I'm not going to betray Daiki. I will win." 

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