Blood Rain

A eighteen year old boy named Daiki Hajime has a sealing of a powerful shimigami that is known as the Iyachi, and he is a Shimijutsist that has abilities that can't be defined. He meets Kizzy Deilon who is the strongest Shimijutsist and she gets roomed with him and she becomes close friends with him. They want to become the greatest Shimijutsist.


7. The Exam IV

 The sun shines in the room of Daiki Hajime and Kizzy Deilon. Daiki is laying on his back on his bed. He has on a black shirt with black sweatpants. His shirt just goes above his stomach. His left leg hands off the bed, and his mouth is open. Kizzy has her head laying on Daiki's chest. She has her hair down. Her arm is across his chest, and her leg ins wrapped around his right leg. She is wearing a pink tank top, with black mini shorts. She has on a soccer type of socks. The covers are hanging off the bed. Kizzy's eyes slowly open. She looks at Daiki's face. His mouth is still open and has a bit of drool coming down the side of his mouth. She giggles because Daiki looks cute. She wipes the drool from his mouth, and she wipes it off on his bed. She sits up and she is still looking at Daiki. 

 "I can't believe he feels the same way about me." Kizzy says to herself. She warmly smiles. She looks at her dresser and her phone is charging. She gets up and she walks to her dresser and she picks up her phone. She turns it on and she has a new message from the school Administrator. She walks back to Daiki's bed. She sits on the side. She taps view message. She reads the text. It is about their match being canceled until tonight, that the single rounds need to be finished by today, and that Yomiyami is winning so far. Kizzy sets her phone down and she looks at Daiki. She smiles again. Daiki slowly opens his eyes, and he looks at Kizzy. He sees her smiling. He smiles back at her. Daiki sits up, but Kizzy grabs his wrist and she sits on his lap and pushes him on the bed. She is smirking. Daiki smirks as well. 

 "Good morning Mrs. Police Woman." Daiki says. Kizzy giggles. 

 "Good morning Mr. Criminal." Kizzy says going along with Daiki. 

 "What am I arrested for?" Daiki asks playfully. Kizzy moves her head closer to Daiki's. 

 "For breaking and entering my heart." Kizzy says. She kisses Daiki. Kizzy moves her head back and she smiles warmly at him. Daiki smiles back at her. The door opens and Kizzy quickly gets off of Daiki. Daiki quickly sits up and he looks away from Kizzy. The Administrator walks in. 

 "Alright love birds, your match with Maki Hanae and Kumiko Hanae begins tonight. They are twins that both use the same element." The Administrator says. "They both use lighting. Their katana's have different names. Maki's is called Thunjutsu and Kumiko's is Electrijutsu. They prefer to battle at the same time. So you two will be fighting together instead of fighting alone." She looks at the seriously. "Don't make a fatal mistake. You will lose this battle if you both don't concentrate. The last team they fought which was our team members, they completely destroyed them, and now they are being treated in a hospital." The Administrator smiles. "But i'm sure with Kizzy's skills, and Daiki's eye thingy you two will be fine." She walks out of the room. Daiki and Kizzy both look at each other. 

 "Well she was confident." Kizzy says. Daiki smiles. 

 "Sure was." Daiki says. They both giggle. 


 The single rounds are over and Yomiyami are down three points. Kuriyamu South is winning. Their students are bragging, and the Yomiyami side is arguing saying that the team of Hajime and Deilon are still in it, and they will win the entire tournament if they have to. Kuriyamu South yells back that the Lighting Twins will destroy them. The arguments keep growing louder and louder. Daiki and Kizzy walk to the battleground. Daiki has on the same cloths as yesterday. Kizzy is wearing a black shirt with a rose on it. She is wearing black sweatpants with blue and pink sneakers. She holds the Infernojutsu in her right hand. She looks around the stadium. Daiki holds the Injutsu with his right hand. They are holding each others hands. They feel more comfortable holding hands since they both are in love with each other. The announcer gets ready to announce the match. 

 "And now for this exciting match! Representing Yomiyami the son of Tsuno Hajime that his eyes can counter anything, Daiki Hajime! And now the Flame Princess who's flames will burning through anything Kizzy Deilon!" The announcer says excitedly. The Yomiyami students cheer. The two twins walk up the the battleground. "And now the representatives from Kuriyamu South The Lighting Twins of Mass Destruction, Maki and Kumiko Hanae!" The Kuriyamu side cheers. Maki is short with black hair that is in twin tails with strands covering her forehead, and yellow eyes. She is wearing a red jacket with a black skirt. Kumiko is the same with blue eyes. They are holding hands. The have their katana's by their side. Maki's is grey with a lighting bolt carved on the blade. The handle doesn't have a plate holding the blade and Kumiko's is yellow with a light blue handle. It is made the same as Maki's. It has a lighting bolt carved into its blade just like Maki's. They both smile at Daiki and Kizzy. 

 "Its a pleasure to fight against such strong opponents." Maki says. Kumiko nods. 

 "We've heard that you both are the strongest ones in the Yomiyami school system." Kumiko says. They both nod. The robitic girl voice says "go!" Kizzy's body surrounds in flames, and Daiki firmly holds the Injutsu and he stands with it pointing to the side of him. 

 "Are you ready Daiki?" Kizzy asks. She looks at her love. Daiki nods. 

 "Yes." Daiki says. They both dash toward the twins and they both miss their target. Daiki's eyes widen. He looks back and Maki sends at lighting bolt to Daiki. He blocks it and it sends him backwards with force. He slides on the ground and he heavily breaths. "Dammit, that is tough." Daiki says. Kizzy dodges her opponent's attack. Kizzy slides on the ground. 

 "This is intense! Both teams are so strong! This is one for the history books!" The Announcer says. Kizzy makes the Infernojutsu ignite with flames. She holds it into the air. 

 "Burning Flame Slash!" She slams her katana on the ground. A huge flame slash appears out of the ground and it goes toward them. Daiki holds his sword toward them. Daiki runs beside the flames almost to be camouflaged. The twins block the attack. Daiki jumps from beside the flames. He raises his sword above his head. The twins are unaware of Daiki in mid air. 

 "Daiki is air borne! This attack might as well be the last of this fight!" The announcer says. Daiki is seconds away from hitting Kumiko's head. Maki notices Daiki in mid air and she makes a thunder strike hit Daiki's chest. He flies backwards into the wall. He goes through the wall and he tumbles on the ground. His katana stabs the ground. Kizzy saw Daiki go through the wall. Kizzy makes her katana ignite with flames. She points it at the twins. 

 "You might have taken out Daiki, but you still have to deal with me." Kizzy says. Maki smiles. 

 "Oh, by the way, i'm going to face off with Daiki." Maki says happily. She skips toward the whole in the wall. Kumiko smiles. 

 "I'm your opponent now." Kumiko says happily. She smiles. Kizzy grits her teeth, and she gets into position to fight. Maki stops skipping and Daiki gets up. He grabs his katana and he points the blade toward her. 

 "I admit most people wouldn't expect that move." Daiki says. Maki smiles.

 "I always admired you. I hope this could be a fun battle." Maki says happily. She holds her katana toward Daiki. The battle of Thunder and Sight is about to begin. Daiki firmly holds his katana with one hand. 

 "Trust me this won't be easy." Daiki says. He narrows his eyes, and Maki holds her katana's handle toward Daiki. She taps the tip of the blade and thunder clouds begin to appear. Daiki looks up at the sky and sees he is surrounded by thunder clouds. Daiki looks at his opponent. 

 "This move is my best one. Not even the great Undefined can dodge, block, or counter this." Maki says. She smiles. She holds the tip of the blade toward the sky. "I call upon the thunder from the heavens! Send the Thunder Dragon to vanquish my opponent!" Maki says. A huge thunder-like dragon comes out of the lighting above. Daiki gasps as he sees the legend come to life. Maki has tamed the thunder. She makes it come at Daiki. It strikes with a ferocious impact. The announcer holds onto his chair.

 "Wow Maki has just hit Daiki with a thunder dragon move! This could be a handicap battle now!" The announcer says excitedly. The dust clears and Daiki is laying on the ground. His katana is laying beside him. Yui holds her chest. 

 "Daiki get up." Yui says. Everyone on the Yomiyami side gasps.  Maki smiles. 

 "It looks like I won." Maki says. Daiki begins to move. His jacket is hanging off his shoulder. He grabs his katana. He gets up and he looks at Maki. 

 "That hurt like hell, but it isn't powerful enough to bring me down and out." Daiki says. He smirks. His eyes are yellow and he is in his Eagle Vision state. The entire Yomiyami side cheers. He points the katana's tip at Maki. She smiles. 

 "Wow you are strong!" Maki says excitedly. She jumps up and down. "This is going to be fun!" Maki calms herself and she gets ready to fight. They both run toward each other. Daiki swings his katana toward Maki's. Their blades hit with a clash. They move back and they clash blades again. They keep clashing blades. Steel against steel. Sight against Thunder. Daiki steps back and he flips his katana in his hand. Its tip points behind him. He tightly grips his handle with the cloth flowing behind it. He runs at Maki and he swings his katana towards her. She jumps up in mid air and she sends a thunder bolt to Daiki. He easily dodges it and he jumps in the air also. Maki makes her katana engulf in lighting. 

 "Thunder Smash!" Maki yells. She raises the katana upwards. Daiki grits his teeth. 

 "This is my chance!" Daiki says. "Sight Eclipse!" Daiki's blade surrounds in a mystic blue aura. He gets in close range and he swings it horizontally toward her chest. Maki swings her katana vertically toward Daiki's head. Their blades clash and a bright light appears. The ground under them turns to nothing but rubble. The light fades, and they both are standing. Daiki raises the Injutsu in the air. Maki falls on the ground. She is unconscious. Daiki turns his head toward the crowd of Yomiyami and he smirks. They cheer with excitement. 

  "Daiki Hajime has defeated Maki Hanae! Now its an handicap battle!" The announcer says with excitement. Kizzy and Kumiko both look at each other. They are heavily breathing. 

 "Looks like my love has won his battle. Its about time I won mine!" Kizzy says. She grips her blade and she runs after Kumiko. She jumps in the air, and she points the tip of her blade to Kumiko. "Burning Fireball!" A fireball appears at the tip and it goes toward Kumiko. Kumiko holds her katana in a defensive position. 

 "Lighting Blaze!" Kumiko's blade has lighting surrounding it. She spins around and the lighting lunges off it and it goes around her. It moves away from her with a fast speed. Kizzy's left leg gets hit by the slash and a gash appears. Kizzy falls on the ground and she holds her leg. Blood gushes down her leg. Kizzy looks up and she gets up. 

 "Dammit. I can't lose this battle." Kizzy says. She tightly shuts her eye to ease the pain. Kumiko smiles. 

 "This is where you will be defeated." Kumiko says. She points her katana toward Kizzy. Daiki walks into the battle arena, and he looks a Kumiko. He doesn't have his jacket on and half his left sleeve is gone. His eyes are still yellow. Kumiko doesn't notice him. He rushes toward her with speed and he swings his blade toward her. She notices a blade coming at her and she moves her blade toward his. They clash with each other and it pushes them both back. Daiki slides on the ground and he puts one hand on the ground. 

 "Now that I've defeated your sister, its about time we defeated you." Daiki says. He smirks. Kumiko smirks also. 

 "My sister admired you so much, her goal is to defeat you, but she failed. I will defeat you, and I will make her goal come true!" Kumiko says. Daiki is still smirking.

 "Your sister is strong, but with these eyes I can't lose." Daiki holds his katana in front of him horizontally. Kumiko smiles. 

 "I know, but that doesn't mean you can just win easily." Kumiko says. Her blade has lighting surrounding it. She points it at Daiki. "This is your defeat Daiki Hajime!" Kumiko says. Daiki smirks. He points his toward her. 

 "Now that's something I'd like to see." Daiki says. Kumiko and Daiki run at each other. They slam their blades into each other and lighting comes off of Kumiko's. Daiki's eyes glow with a yellow tint. He swings it and he hits her blade again. Sparks starts flying. Daiki and Kumiko keeps slashing steel against steel. Each time their blades clash, a strong wind surrounds them. Daiki steps back and so does Kumiko. Kizzy holds her leg and watches Daiki. 

 "Daiki is really strong. I could barely keep up with her, and he is just doing it with ease." Kizzy says to herself. Daiki holds his katana horizontally. 

 "You're actually pretty strong. Stronger than I thought." Daiki says. Kumiko smiles. 

 "The rumors are true, you really can detect and analyze moves and attacks." Kumiko says. "Your eyes are special." 

 "These eyes are a gift. You honestly are they first to stand a chance in a close combat fight." Daiki says. "Ryu was tough, but you are something else." Kumiko smiles. 

 "Glad you think so. After all me and Maki are the strongest team in our school." Kumiko says. Daiki smiles. 

 "Me and Kizzy are as well." Daiki says. He spreads his legs and tightens his grip on the cloth. 

 "That's nice to know i'm fighting the best." Kumiko says. She engulfs with lighting. "Eletrijutsu: Lighting Blade Clash!" Kumiko says. She dashes at Daiki with a strong amount of force. Daiki smirks. He notices that he can shift to the left and her attack won't hit him. He does that and she switches hands with her katana. Daiki's eyes widen. 

 "She knew exactly where I was going?! Shit this could go bad." Daiki thought. Kumiko smirks as she gets into close range. Daiki notices if he shirts to the right, at the right time she won't be able to attack him. He steps to the right. She quickly shifts hands again. Daiki quickly shifts to the left. 

 "Injutsu: Sight Barrier!" Daiki says. He holds his katana vertically with both hands. A light blue aura comes off him. Kumiko notices she can't switch hands again. She knew Daiki had outsmarted her. He slashes down vertically and his katana hits her shoulder with a strong force. Her electricity quickly goes out and she falls on the ground. Daiki holds down his katana and he holds on fist up. Daiki's cheek is slightly cut. Kizzy smiles warmly.

 "Daiki Hajime has beaten both of the Hanae! He is on fire folks!" The announcer says excitedly. Kizzy limps to Daiki. He looks at her. She hugs him. Their eyes lock onto one other. They kiss each other. Yui lowers her head, she knew that Daiki was in love with someone else. She depressingly walks away. Kizzy looks at Daiki. 

 "We won again." Kizzy says. She warmly smiles at Daiki. She keeps her arms around his neck. 

 "Yeah we did!" Daiki says. He winks at Kizzy. She giggles. "You have to go to the nursing room. Your leg is badly injured." Daiki says. Kizzy nods. They walk off the battlefield. Daiki helps Kizzy walk and he holds his cut cheek.

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