Blood Rain

A eighteen year old boy named Daiki Hajime has a sealing of a powerful shimigami that is known as the Iyachi, and he is a Shimijutsist that has abilities that can't be defined. He meets Kizzy Deilon who is the strongest Shimijutsist and she gets roomed with him and she becomes close friends with him. They want to become the greatest Shimijutsist.


6. The Exam III

 The final team battle is starting Kizzy Deilon versus Laika Sakura. Kizzy walks to the battlefield and she has her hair pulled back into a pony tail. She is wearing a white tank top and a black skirt. She is wearing black sneakers with white accents. Daiki is at the spectating area, and he is wearing no shirt with bandages on his wounds. He is wearing black shorts that go pass his knees and he has black slides on. Daiki rests his arms on the rail of the spectating area, and watches Kizzy. She stands on the battlefield and she looks back at Daiki. Daiki smiles and he nods. Kizzy smiles back, and she nods. She looks back at Laika who isn't impressed at her opponent. She is looking at her nails with her dagger at her side. She looks at Kizzy. 

 "Are you sure you want to face off with me?" Laika asks. She lowers her hand and grabs out another dagger. Kizzy pulls out her katana and holds it pointing toward Laika with both hands and her feet spread.

 "I'm ready, but are you?" Kizzy says. She narrows her eyes and locks her target on Laika. The animated girl voice says "go" and Kizzy's katana engulfs in flames. Kizzy runs to Laika, and they clash blades. Daiki watches the battle, and then Yui comes up to Daiki and she waves at him. Kizzy slams her blade against Laika's. Laika makes her daggers stab Kizzy's blade. She keeps the blade from coming any closer to her. She moves out of the way and Kizzy's blade hits the ground, and dust flies in the air. Kizzy stands on guard and looks at Laika. In the corner of her eye she sees Yui and Daiki leaving. She tries to focus on the battle, but she keeps looking at Daiki and Yui who are leaving. She lowers her guard and Laika takes this chance to attack. Se runs at Kizzy and she knees her in the stomach and Kizzy coughs. Laika then takes her dagger, and shoves it into Kizzy's right arm. Kizzy screams. Daiki is alarmed, and he quickly turns around and sees Kizzy up against the wall with a dagger in her arm. Kizzy drops on her knees and tries to take out the dagger. Laika holds her hand against the wall and tries to knee her in the face, but Kizzy moves her head out of the way. Laika leaves a crack in the wall. Daiki leans over the rail. 

 "Kizzy!" Daiki yells. Kizzy looks up and sees her partner leaning on the rail completely worried. Laika removes her knee from the wall and it has blood running down it. She takes her dagger out of Kizzy's arm and grabs Kizzy's top and moves her up the wall and chokes her.

 "I'm going to make you pay! You broke my kneecap!" Laika says in anger. Kizzy holds her throat and tries to move, but her right arm isn't functioning properly. Laika throws Kizzy on the ground and Kizzy tumbles on the ground. Daiki watches the battle. Yui walks up to Daiki and she tugs on his arm. Daiki doesn't move. Kizzy gets up and Laika slings her daggers at Kizzy. Kizzy dodges them and then Laika kicks Kizzy in the stomach and Kizzy holds her stomach. Laika looks at Daiki and she has the perfect mind manipulation trick. She devilishly smirks. She points her dagger toward Kizzy, and everything goes black around Kizzy, then it goes to inside a house. Kizzy opens her eyes as the pain leaves her stomach. She looks around her and she sees that she is in a house. Kizzy's Infernojutsu is on the floor, and she picks it up. She hears some noises up above her, she can't hear what exactly the voice is or who it is. She walks into a room and see notices the stairs leading up to the upper floor. She carefully walks up it and the voices get louder. Kizzy walks up the stairs and she is on the upper floor. She holds her katana firmly and walks to the voices. She gets near the door, and the voices are clear it is a female voice, and it is moaning. She turns the knob and opens the door. She sees a bed and Laika on top of someone. She gasps as she sees parts of Daiki's hair go in the air and go back on the bed. Laika is bouncing up and down on Daiki's waist, and they are both naked. Kizzy starts to cry, and Laika looks back at Kizzy. 

 "I'll win." Laika says. She blows a kiss at Kizzy, and Kizzy holds her head and screams. Her surroundings go completely black and Kizzy screams more, and she starts clenching her hair and screaming louder. In the real world Kizzy is laying on the ground and Laika is laughing. Daiki notices that Kizzy is under her mind manipulation. 

 "Kizzy! Get you head together!" Daiki yells. In Kizzy's illusion she faintly hears a voice. She stops screaming and calms herself. She looks everywhere and no on is in sight. She looks down. 

 "I can't believe it. I'm caught in Laika's illusion." Kizzy says. In the real world Daiki is getting frantic. 

 "Get up Kizzy!" Daiki yells again. "Snap out of it!" Daiki yells louder. Kizzy is alerted to the voice again. This time she can clearly hear it. It is Daiki's voice. She starts looking around. 

 "Daiki! Where are you?" Kizzy asks. Laika walks up to Kizzy, and she starts laughing. Kizzy gets up and glares at Laika. "I know this is an illusion, you can't play your games any longer!" Kizzy says. Laika smirks. 

 "But you know that I have already won. In the real world your body is sleeping, so I get to do whatever I want with it." Laika says. Kizzy grips her katana. 

 "But you know there is a way out right?" Kizzy says. 

 "I know the way, but do you?" Laika says. Kizzy shuts her eyes and quickly throws one of Laika's daggers into Laika's right eye. Laika screams in pain and the darkness fades away. 

 "Kizzy get up! You can't win if you're on the ground!" Daiki yells. Laika holds her eye and Kizzy's eyes open. Kizzy gets up, and picks up her katana. She smirks at Laika. Blood runs between her fingers. Daiki smiles. Kizzy holds her katana close to her and flames come off her body. Laika grabs her dagger and makes a purple ball at the tip of the blade. 

 "You broke my kneecap, and now I lost an eye! I'll fucking kill you Kizzy Deilon!" Laika yells. She takes both daggers and runs at Kizzy. Kizzy jumps toward Laika, and fire boosts her speed. 

 "This time its going to be your spirit!" Kizzy says. She swings her katana toward Laika and it makes contact with her face. Laika is on her knees and she is frighten. Kizzy glares at Laika, and she removes the blade from her face. Laika falls on the ground with blood coming from her nose. 

 "The winner is Kizzy Deilon!" The announcer says. Daiki smiles and he jumps over the rail and runs to Kizzy. Kizzy looks at Daiki coming to her, and she smiles. Daiki stops.

 "You won." Daiki says. Kizzy smiles again. 

 "Of course I would." Kizzy says. "I just didn't want to feel left out, when you already won and then back at school I would be left out because I would have lost." Kizzy smiles. Daiki giggles, and Kizzy is just now remembering they have another battle tomorrow, and that Daiki has a date with Yui after his battle. She suddenly begins to cry. Daiki notices her watery eyes, and he holds her hand. Kizzy looks at him. 

 "I know what you're thinking, and you're upset that I'll be gone till night." Daiki says. He entangles his hands with Kizzy's. She looks at their hands and then back at Daiki. "But don't worry. I return." Daiki smiles. Kizzy looks down. 

 "I understand that." Kizzy says.


 A few hours later Kizzy is laying in her bed on her stomach. She has the pillow close to her mouth and she is thinking about Daiki. She hears a knock on the door and she gets up. She walks to the door and she opens it. It is Kushuno.

 "I was wondering if Daiki was here." Kushuno says. Kizzy shakes her head.

 "He went on a date with Yui." Kizzy says. 

 "Oh, so can I come in?" Kushuno asks. Kizzy shakes her head again.

 "No." Kizzy closes the door and walks back to her bed. She falls on it and she rolls on her back. 


 Meanwhile Daiki and Yui are walking to a nearby park. She holds his arm. Daiki just looks at the scenery. They walk into the park. 

 "So Daiki where do you want to sit?" Yui asks. Daiki looks at her.

 "Anywhere to be honest." Daiki says with a smile. Yui smiles. She takes him to a bench, and she sits down. He sits down beside her. She looks at him. 

 "Do you like Kizzy?" Yui asks. Daiki looks at her.

 "Well as a friend." Daiki says. Yui smiles. 

 "But you do know she is in love with you right?" Yui says. Daiki smiles. 

 "To be honest I thought she was." Daiki says.

 "Well she is. But you got me so there is nothing to worry about." Yui smiles and she grabs onto his arm and rests her head on his forearm. Daiki looks at her. 

 "Okay." Daiki says. He looks into the sky. On their date Daiki and Yui go to a restaurant to eat. Kizzy stayed in her room. She didn't move from her bed, but she had the thought of Daiki, so she didn't fall asleep. Daiki and Yui go to a firework show and Yui was holding his hand. She mostly was in charge of the date. Later that night Daiki and Yui are walking to the exam stadium. Yui looks at Daiki who has a stuff bear on his shoulders carrying it like a child. 

 "Tonight was fun." Yui says. Her black hair flows in the wind. 

 "Yeah it sure was." Daiki says. They stop at the entry way of the stadium. She moves closer to Daiki and she moves her lips closer to his. Daiki looks at the doors open and Yui gets irritated. A student walks out and he walks on the street toward a book store. Daiki turns toward Yui. She leans closer to his lips again. Daiki stops her. "Yui I think we should wait before that." Daiki says. Yui is shocked. 

 "Wh-what do you mean?" Yui asks. 

 "I'm saying we should wait before kissing." Daiki says. He goes into the door, and Yui stands there thinking. Daiki walks down the hall. He has his red jacket thrown over his shoulder and he is carrying the Injutsu in his right hand. Daiki puts his hand on the door knob. On the other side of the door is Kizzy laying on her bed looking at the door waiting for her friend's return. He turns the knob and she looks away. He opens the door and he looks inside. He sees Kizzy looking out the window. 

 "So was it fun?" Kizzy asks. She turns her head to Daiki. Daiki puts the Injutsu on his dresser and throws his jacket on the floor. 

 "I guess it was." Daiki says tiredly. He sits on his bed. Kizzy steps out of hers and she walks to his. She sits down behind Daiki. 

 "You don't sound very enthused. Did something happen?" Kizzy says. She puts her arms around Daiki's neck and she lays her head on his shoulder. 

 "No, not at all. I just feel like I made a mistake." Daiki says. Kizzy looks at him with concern.

 "What do you mean a mistake?" Kizzy asks. Daiki sighs.

 "I just feel like I didn't do something right." Daiki says. He turns his head toward Kizzy. "I have feelings for another girl, but isn't a date something you do when you like someone?" Daiki asks.

 "Yes. May I ask who is this girl?" Kizzy asks. Daiki looks away blushing. 

 "I rather not say it." Daiki says. Kizzy notices his cheeks turn a rosary red. She smiles. She hugs Daiki tightly and he chokes. 

 "Don't worry I love you too." Kizzy says. She keeps hugging him and Daiki holds his neck. He gets some space between her arms and his neck so he can actually talk. 

 "I figured you'd notice." Daiki says. He smiles. Kizzy stops hugging him and she looks at him. The moonlight shines on both of them. They both move their heads closer to one another. Their lips touch.

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