Blood Rain

A eighteen year old boy named Daiki Hajime has a sealing of a powerful shimigami that is known as the Iyachi, and he is a Shimijutsist that has abilities that can't be defined. He meets Kizzy Deilon who is the strongest Shimijutsist and she gets roomed with him and she becomes close friends with him. They want to become the greatest Shimijutsist.


5. The Exam II

  It is time for the Team Battles and the Yomiyami School is winning by four points. Daiki is standing with Kizzy and she is holding his hand. She looks at Daiki like it is the last time she is going to see him. She looks away from him. 

 "I have to win." Kizzy says to herself. They announce the next fight and Daiki and Kizzy's name is called. They go to the arena along with Ryu and Laika. They stand five feet from each other. Daiki looks at Ryu, and Kizzy looks at Laika. The announcer stands between them. 

 "This Team Battle will go down in the history books! Daiki Hajime the son of Tsuno Hajime and The Flame Princess Kizzy Deilon versus The Undefeated Team consisting of Ryu Tategame, and Laika Sakura!" The announcer says. "The first two individuals come to the middle! Daiki and Ryu!" The announcer runs out of the battlefield. Daiki pulls out his katana and Ryu does also. Kizzy goes to the spectating area and Laika does too. Daiki steps back and Ryu does too. The animated girl voice says "go" and Daiki runs toward Ryu. Ryu runs toward Daiki and they clash blades. Daiki forces his to overpower Ryu's, but Ryu stands his ground. Daiki forces himself back and he slides on the ground. Kizzy watches carefully. She bites her lip and holds her hands together. Laika doesn't seem nervous. Daiki looks at Ryu, and he tightens his grip on the handle. 

 "You're strong Daiki, but can you slice through thick water?" Ryu says. He points his katana up in the air. "I call upon the clouds in the sky! Bring me rain to guide me to victory!" Ryu smirks and it starts to rain. Laika smiles and Kizzy lowers her head with her hands covering her nose. 

 "This can't be good." Kizzy says. Daiki looks up at the clouds forming around the sky. They bring down the rain. Daiki looks at Ryu. 

 "This rain won't slow me down. I have a special power too." Daiki says. He stands straight up and closes his eyes. He unlocks his Eagle Vision and he looks at Ryu. Daiki's eyes are now yellow. Daiki can see Ryu in a purple color. He sees Ryu running at him and he gets to close range and he slashes his katana at Daiki. Daiki dodges it and he swings his katana to Ryu, who also dodges his attack. They both clash their katana's again. This time sparks flew. 

 "Wow! Look at those sparks fly!" The announcer says excited at the battle. Daiki and Ryu clashes their blades again, and again. They both jump back and they run at each other. Daiki firmly holds his katana and Ryu smirks. He makes a water bubble hit Daiki with it, and Daiki goes off his feet and he hits the ground on his back and he flips and tumbles on the ground. Daiki gets up and he holds his katana toward Ryu. "Daiki Hajime is back up! This is exciting folks!" The announcer says. Daiki firmly grips the handle, and he glares at Ryu. 

 "I admit you got me there, but once doesn't bring me down." Daiki says. He runs at Ryu and Ryu makes a blob of water and he throws it at him. Daiki slashes it and it goes around him and then it explodes. Kizzy gasps. Daiki hits the wall and it cracks. Daiki's hair and cloths are drenched by the rain. Ryu appears in front of Daiki. Daiki looks at Ryu with one eye. Ryu makes water restrain Daiki's wrists and his legs. Ryu backs up a good two yards from Daiki. Ryu smirks and holds the point of his katana toward Daiki's body. A sharp point of water stabs into Daiki's left arm. Daiki yells in pain. Kizzy jumps. Ryu sends another one to Daiki's thigh that just healed. Daiki screams louder than before. Kizzy holds her ears because she knows that the screams of Daiki will begin. Ryu sends another one to Daiki's shoulder that also just healed. Kizzy tightly closes her eyes as Daiki screams in pain. Ryu tilts his head. 

 "I thought you was The Undefined. You're nothing. I told Kizzy that I wouldn't kill you, but now I just want to do it." Ryu says. Daiki looks at Ryu. 

 "You can't kill me! That will be murder!" Daiki says. Ryu smiles. 

 "If your wounds kill you its not." Ryu says. He holds up his katana to Daiki. He points it to Daiki's stomach, and he sends another sharp water point at Daiki's stomach. It hits Daiki and he coughs out a pint of blood. The blood runs down his chin and drips on the ground. He looks at Ryu. Half his hair covers his left eye. 

 "You're a monster. Killing me won't get you anywhere! You will be called a murderer and what will that get you? You're a disgrace to this art!" Daiki says angrily. Ryu's eyes widen in anger. 

 "You think everything revolves around you! That's what I hate about you and your father! You both think everything is a fairy tale! When you see this face I hope you're afraid! Daiki you will die here and no one will save you!" Ryu says. He points his katana toward Daiki's chest. "I'll kill you and then your fantasy of a fairy tale will die with you!" Daiki forces his arms to move and his legs to move also. Ryu sends another sharp water point. Daiki frees himself, and he grabs his katana and holds it in a defensive position. The water point slices in half and leaves a few marks on Daiki's blade. Daiki's eyes glow with the yellow tint. Daiki isn't his easy going self anymore, he has become filled with anger. 

 "You hate me and my father? You disgust me." Daiki says. His katana glows with a purple aura. He glares at Ryu. Ryu holds his katana up and glares a Daiki. 

 "I'll make sure you eat those words! You're nothing but a lie!" Ryu says. Ryu runs with his katana at his side. Daiki runs at Ryu. 

 "I am a lie? You're the one who wants to kill everyone you face! I am the truth! You're the lie!" Daiki says in anger. "I am what makes Yomiyami such a great school! I am not your enemy!" Daiki runs faster toward Ryu. 

 "In my eyes you are!" Ryu says. "You're my enemy and I want to kill you!" Ryu holds the point of his katana toward Daiki. 

 "Then there's no way out." Daiki says. He holds the point of his katana toward Ryu and it has purple aura coming off it. Kizzy closes her eyes and looks away. They get close to each other and one of their katana's point comes out of the other one's back. The announcer looks at the battlefield and Daiki is crouching down with his katana pierced through Ryu's back. The entire side of the Yomiyami students cheer. Daiki pulls his katana out of Ryu's stomach and Ryu falls onto Daiki's shoulder. Ryu coughs out blood and Daiki holds Ryu up. "I win." Daiki whispers in Ryu's ear. Ryu closes his eyes. 

 "You proved me wrong. You aren't a lie." Ryu slips from Daiki's shoulder and Daiki looks at Kizzy. He smiles and the Kizzy smiles back at him. Daiki's body gives up, and he falls on the ground. The announcer calls for the medic and then he says the winner is Daiki Hajime. 


 It is night and they are going to start the rest of the battles tomorrow. Daiki is laying in a hospital type bed, and Kizzy is laying her head down on his bed. Daiki wakes up, and he looks at Kizzy. Kizzy looks at Daiki and she moves her head up. She looks away from Daiki. 

 "You shouldn't have put yourself in danger. You could have died." Kizzy says. She begins to get up but Daiki grabs her wrist. Kizzy looks down at Daiki. 

 "Don't go." Daiki says. Kizzy sits back down in the chair. 

 "Do you want to ask me something?" Kizzy asks. 

 "No I just want you here with me." Daiki says. "I just feel better when you're around." Daiki says. Kizzy blushes. 

 "I appreciate your comfort with me, but don't you have Yui?" Kizzy says. She looks down. 

 "You're my partner. I always got to be with you." Daiki says. Kizzy smiles. 

 "Thanks Daiki." Kizzy says. Daiki looks away from Kizzy. She looks at Daiki. "Daiki." He looks at Kizzy and she is almost in tears.

 "Are you alright?!" Daiki asks shockingly. He puts his hand on her shoulder. Kizzy hugs him. 

 "I thought you would have died. Daiki you're my partner, and I don't want you to die or get hurt. When you screamed I couldn't endure the pain you was feeling." Kizzy tightens the hug. Daiki hugs her back. 

 "I'm okay now. I won the battle. My fight is over." Daiki says. He keeps hugging her and she rests her head on his shoulder. Kizzy feel like the hug was going to last forever, but she knew she would have to stop it. She stops hugging Daiki. She puts her hand on his hand, and kisses his cheek. Daiki slightly blushes. 

 "I'll sleep in here." Kizzy says. She lays her head on the bed, and she goes to sleep. Daiki looks out the window and looks at the moon shining through the window. 

 "Kizzy, I hope you win tomorrow." Daiki says. He puts his hand on her head, and he smiles. He lays back, closes his eyes and goes to sleep.

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