Dragon Hunt

Dragons were respectful creatures,Powerful and left alone by humans. They do not prey on humans for they are to small and bony and they usually gave them gifts to keep the peace. Charms,clay,shoes,glass,tapestries,etc. But a decision ,a killing,and a king shakes the earth like a dragons war cry.


2. Stolen eggs


(above is one of the dragons known as Dayfly's,Day wings;and my oc design. Do not be fooled by the delicate creatures.Do not let their color fool you nor their beauty or seemingly peaceful behavior lure you in..They are known fro their poisonous bite and color shifting scales but they all have a regular color they try to maintain since they do not enjoy other dragons knowing how they feel. Their original coloring is the color of their egg shells and recently deep in the many scattered islands 3 eggs have recently gone missing.Some kingdoms still show respect but one stands dominant with the mysterious dragon responsible for the disappearing dragons)


Scales drag along the cool sand as the sound blended in along with the oceans midnight waves crashing with the moon light revealing shadows moving withing the shallows of the Water dragons or Wave Riders they are commonly called. A dark green small slim figure folds his wings in closely to his body hiding 3 eggs. He knew the others were waiting for him and counted himself lucky to sneak past the Day fly's nest. Hopefully he would make it unnoticed.


`A shadow surged upwards plopping onto the shore with a hissing sound signaling a warning of boiling water to be sprayed.The small Forest dragon straightened himself forcing a calm look onto the Water raider who was no doubt stronger then he was.


"State your name trespasser."He growled lifting is wings to appear larger revealing muscles rippling beneath the dark and pale blue stripes of the snake like body.

"I am simply looking for a place to rest. I will be gone by morning."He said choosing his words carefully.

"Name!"He snapped opening his mouth slightly threatening to let loose  hurl of boiling hot water.

"Teather."He said quickly holding his wings defensively over the delicate Dayfly eggs.Even if he died the eggs would be safe.He knew the Water Raider did not only burn their victims in boiling spray of water but could easily use their tail as a wip or strangle and suffocate their enemies with ease.

"Then you passed several good caves ,Teather."The Raider snorted.

"I was hoping to make some ground. I m not the best known flyers..."He said sheepishly doing his best to avoid conflict.

Something clicked behind the raiders gaze as it spotted the  Forest dragons half tail that has a stump at the end.

"Very well but I have better see you gone by before dawn."He said snaking back into the water.

The forest dragon bowed his head in a sign of respect before picking his way more carefully along the beach till he was sure the Raiders presence seemed far away.His amber eyes scanned the shore once more before disappearing into the thick forest of trees making his way down through a steep slope expertly navigating to where the hollow lays hoping the others made it back. They needed the eggs at least three in case one or two don't make it since usually only one survives out of a clutch of 3 and if two do hatch its usually the runt. 

Teather rounded a corner disappearing fully behind a large waterfall and into a large cavern where a large dragon stood. Her crimson red scales with golden and orange glinting flecks in the torchlight signaled that Robin, a Flame flyer ,and may we add sometimes impatient one at that. She held two eggs protectively in her tail the dark reds and oranges of the Flame fliers eggs.

"What happened to the third?"Teather growled grumpily as he laid the three eggs near the lowest torch.

"The hatches gaurds."She said simply obviously distracted by the others absence. "Are they coming yet?Did you see any sign of them on your way?"She asked her sharp yellow eyes looking at him.

He shook his head with a tired sigh. "Afraid not but they had to go farther then both of us and they probably wont be back till sunrise."He said looking back at her carefully.

"They better we need these hatchwings at least close to hatching the same day and this cave feels oddly empty..."She said in a quiet tone as their voices seemed to bounce along the empty cave making both their scales crawl.

"We will fill it up,within time. Lets just get stage 1 over and done with."Teather said nosing the eggs gingerly.As he said that the water from the waterfall spraying among the stone floor as a familiar Water Raider stood there gently holding two eggs. " I dropped one..."He said clutching the other two eggs closely as though they will slip from the poor dragons grip. But usually after an hour after being hatched the Water Raider eggs usually loose their slippery slime that dries against the eggs fragile shell making it stronger.


Teather took the eggs putting them all in a small dip in the ground as Raider comforted the Water Raider trying to calm his nerves.. "So..which of you are going to be the lucky king or queen of the kingdom of dragons."Teather sighed softly watching the eggs carefully.

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