Infinite InSAnnity's Top Movellas of the Year

Who's ready for round two of the Top Movellas of the Year? If you'd like your Movella (newer, older, completed, work in progress, AGES old, etc.) to qualify, please comment here! (Competition ends 11/30/16) (**NOTE: IF YOU ENTERED IN THE LAST ONE, YOU ARE WELCOME TO ENTER AGAIN! However, if your book placed, you cannot enter that particular one again.**)


9. Number One

1. Lost to the Flames by Le Fox

Omg. What can I say other than, "Omg"? IT WAS SO. FREAKING. AWESOME. LOVE IT!!

Emoji score: 😀+😃+😄+😊+☺️+😋+😌+😍+😎+😜+😝+😘+💗+❤️+💖+💕

Song score: Feel So Close by Calvin Harris



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