Blazing Blazers

*An experiment.


1. When you realize the magnitude of your accomplishments

Today's the day!

Even before my eyes I opened I could feel the surge of elation coursing through my veins. 

I jump out of bed and rush to the bathroom. 

-Scrubbing every inch of my body and making sure it's cleaner than usual along with my scalp, once I'm done showering I hurry back to my room and seat myself before my vanity mirror(- a recent gift from one of my uncles after I graduated middle school). I rake my fingers through my hair as I oil it while using my towel in my other hand to dry it a little. On most mornings I struggle with styling it but today it slid up nicely into a frizzy bun mounted on the top of my head so could it be due to the shampoo or gel my aunt had sent me too or was it the oil? 

I squint at my reflection. A girl with copper colored skin, light brown eyes and frizzy black hair stares back and smiles reassuringly. Things were different this year, things were better this year.

My outfit had already been prepared days before- it was my new school uniform; a navy blue pleated scooter skirt and a mustard yellow blazer underneath it. I'd wear a long sleeved white blouse underneath them along with black knee socks and coffee brown buckled strapped shoes, which sounds really simple but these shoes were a gift from one of my cousins and they were really cute!

Now dressed, I begin to pin on my badges. The first one was a golden pin with two keys crossing over each other, one was old fashioned but the other was pretty modern. It's the crest of the school I'm attending. 

Twin Keys Academy. There are a lot of schools around this area that I live in now so Students have to wear pins to identify themselves. I pin on my second badge underneath my school badge. This one was of boots, a paper and quill - The Adventure Club Badge, Twin Keys Academy has a lot of clubs so when at school this is also something used to identify students. A club is like a house or family, the actions of that student affects the clubs reputation.

Even with both badges on I looked pretty plain. I slip on the rose gold heart necklace my Grandma bought me after graduation and the baby green heart shaped clip-ons my little sister got me. My ID, class schedule and books had already been stuffed away in the bag Mom got me- a black back pocket bag. I slip on Dad's gift- a watch. 

"You won't always be able to check your phone for the time mija." he told me. 

Remembering his words I also remember that I need to bring my phone...and maybe the charger. After going through a mental check-list my heart skips a beat.

I'm ready. 

As I leave my dorm room I feel a little lonely at the thought of not being able to see my parent's faces but I try to remind myself that it's not like they live far away. Dad only sent me to the dorms because he wanted me to learn how to live on my own.

I live in a town called Juice, Juice is a city that houses many students from schools all over because Juice is the closest town to the Education District. Juice like the educational district's population is mostly made up of students. And it's not like the Education District doesn't have dorms or stores but it's super expensive so you usually find rich kids being the only ones living there, well that and kids on a scholarship program.

As I head out dozens of other girls around me dressed in all sorts of different uniforms make their way outside. A few of the girls seem to know each other and talk while we wait at the bus stop. Our bus- was a three story bus- I've never actually been on one before so when I got on I wasn't surprised to find it 3 tiers above the average yellow school bus. The other girls were just as surprised as me and we all look around in awe before sitting down, I went all the way up to the top with some of the other girls and we sit down to talk. I soon become acquaintances with Reimi and Memoire, they were both asian but Reimi was born in Hawaiian, her complexion was tanned and her hair had been bleached red from being out in the sun and swimming in chlorine all the time- she's attending Neptune Academy, and has already been accepted by her school's swimming club. Memoire was french and from Japan but she prefers it when we call her Momori or just Momo. She was born and raised in France, and she can speak English, french and Japanese. She wants to learn more about Japanese culture and even dreams of marrying a Japanese dude someday, that's why she enrolled in Sakura Academy. Reimi and I were both surprised at how open she was about that but having her be so honest made us want to open up more too and before long we had exchanged phone numbers and added each other on other social media.

"A pity we all don't go to the same school." Reimi pouted. 

"When we get back we can all hang out and hit the streets together though." I offer. And the girls nod eagerly in agreement.

"Not before finishing our homework and assignments though." Momo adds and we all agree on that too. It wasn't easy getting into one of the schools in the educational district- well, to be honest I didn't have that much of a difficult time but that's because I've always been an avid bookworm ever since I was a toddler. I absorb information like a sponge but if I don't continue to study and work hard that information will all get squeezed out. 

"Look we're here!" Someone up ahead of us points up ahead and everyone begins to look out the window including us. When I see all the buildings and how other-worldly it felt I begin to realize why my family was so proud of me. All their gifts and words of advice, I'd be sure to remember it and cherish it. As we draw closer my heart begins to beat faster.

Today's the day! Today's the day that I'll be able to meet them again!

We didn't have time to say goodbye because everyone was hurrying out the bus. Instead we text each other on a group chat app as we go our separate ways. Before leaving home, my Dad had me download an app that maps out your location- it was much better than a GPS which only showed roads- this one identified buildings and if you tapped on it, the app would explain what it's for and stuff you could find there! Not that I planned on exploring, I had forty minutes to make it to school. Before school started I at least wanted to check out my club room and find my other classrooms...but more than anything also I wanted to see...them.


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