Falling in Love with Detective Minds (A 5SOS and Criminal Minds Crossover)

Three girls join the FBI.... Grace, Kate, and Natasha Four guys run the BAU portion of the FBI... Unit Chief Hemmings, TA Clifford, Dr. Irwin, and SSA Hood. What will happen when these agents of the FBI end up being more than just colleagues?

Read on to find out more!


2. Character Bio- Kate

Hey! I'm Kate and I'm 20 years old. I use to be an author and a singer-songwriter back in the old days but I have changed my mind FOR GOOD. I have? Or had? Been diagnosed with amnesia at the age of 10 and I don't know if it's permanent or temporary and I'm also not sure if it will help me throughout my journey here in the FBI but I want to prove myself. I was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I love sneaking around to know or see what is happening in my surroundings or just probably sulk all day. I love procrastinating it helps a lot. 

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