5SOS Pregnancy Series


1. 1. Finding Out

Calum: You and Calum we're extremely nervous. Only being married for 6 months, you both didn't know what you would do if you actually were pregnant. Of course, you guys wouldn't get an abortion, or give the child up for adoption, you just didn't know if you guys were ready for kids yet. "(Y/N) Hood." The nurse called through the waiting room. You and Calum stood up and, hand in hand, walked to the room where you would have the ultrasound to see if you really were pregnant. You laid down on the bed, with Calum stood next to you. "The doctor should be here in a few minutes," the nurse said sweetly as she walked out the door. "(Y/N) I don't know if I'm ready to be a dad yet," Calum panicked. "Calum, it's going to be fine," you said. "No it's not. What if I'm going to be a terrible dad?" Calum asked you. "Calum, I don't know if I'm ready yet either." You said honestly. Just before Calum could speak, the doctor came in. "Are you ready to find out if you're going to be parents?" She, the doctor, asked you and Calum. "Yes," you quickly said before Calum could say anything. The doctor put the really cold gel on your stomach, and started to move the wand around, looking at the screen. "It looks like you are about one month pregnant (Y/N). I'm thinking it could be twins, or even triplets, but it is too soon to tell. I am hearing multiple heartbeats, but it could only be one baby, as your own heartbeat I'm hearing." "Okay," you said, looking over at Calum who looked a little shocked at the sound of having multiple children at one time. "I'm going to schedule an appointment for you in a month and a half. Then we'll be able to tell how many babies you'll be having," the doctor said, while wiping the gel off of your stomach. "Okay. Thank you," you said and you left the room. "Well," Calum said. "Possibly twins or triplets," you said. You left the doctors office and went home to start looking at things online for the nursery.

Luke: "No. This can't be happening!" You said as you put the pregnancy test back in box. "(Y/N)! I'm home!" Luke called just as you walked out of the bathroom. You still had the box in your hands. Luke walked up the stairs, seeing you just standing there looking at the box. "Babe, is that what I think it is?" he asked, walking closer to you. You handed him the box. "Open it," you quietly said. He opened the box, seeing the small stick with two lines on it. "Oh my god. (Y/N), this is a joke, isn't it?" Luke asked. "This isn't real," he said, tears forming in his eyes. "Oh my god. You're crying," you said. "I'll go start gathering my stuff up. You obviously don't want this baby." You turned around, but he grabbed your arm. "I'm not crying because I'm mad. I'm crying because I'm super happy, and this is amazing," he said and hugged you. He kissed you, as you kissed him. Back. He pulled away, and lifted up your shirt, placing a small kiss on your stomach.

Ashton: You were sat in your bedroom, with Ashton, waiting for the timer to go off so you could check the pregnancy test. When your timer went off, you looked at the test. Two small lines appeared on the test, and you felt like you were going to faint. You felt tears form in your eyes, as Ashton hugged you. "I love you princess, and I love our little one," Ashton said, as he placed a hand on your stomach.

Michael: You sat on the side of the bathtub, just staring at your hands. You were pregnant. Michael was at work, so you couldn't tell him. Not yet anyway. You grabbed the test, and shoved it back in the box. You ran to your bedroom, shoving the box in your dresser. You went downstairs, to the living room, waiting for Michael to come home. You turned on Netflix, watching 3 episodes of (your favorite show) before Michael got home. When Michael got home, you hugged him, and walked up the stairs to grab the pregnancy test, and walked back downstairs. You handed Michael the box without explanation and went back upstairs. You sat down on yours and Michaels shared bed, waiting for him to come upstairs. After about 5 minutes he came upstairs, and sat down next you you. He hugged you, and kissed you. He pulled away, and slid down onto the floor, lifting up your shirt, and kissed your stomach. He got back up on the bed, next to you. "I love you so much, and I'm glad that we're having this baby together." "I love you too Mikey. I'm glad that this baby is ours, and not someone else's," you said and kissed him again

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