Remembering His Name

Quoet from the book:
"And that is why he was destined to be loved by many people, women and men, for a verry long time."

Faith, hope and love, tre Words, one harmony, but hard to prove.
This the begining of my story.

This story wil contain situations of my life,
Hope you enjoy.


2. Past

The sound of my mother's cry when my father died, still echoes through my mind.

It was a Cold November day, when they came for him. Heavy knocks on the door and a sudden gun shot, three times. And silence. I looked through the window of my room, when I saw them in Black coats, leaving in an old Brown car. I stayed there till I saw the shadow of my mother, coming Down the street. I was afraid she will blame it all on me, like she always does.

The sound of a door being opned and then closed Again made my Heart beat faster and faster.

"I'm home." No answer.

"Where are.." Silence. scream. I guess she have found him.

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